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Why isure gives you High Risk Auto Insurance that’s All About You

Sometimes despite best intentions, people fall through the insurance cracks. Multiple accidents, administrative errors, license suspensions, frequent claims or even a small set of speeding or traffic tickets can unfortunately all put you into insurance jeopardy , place you in high risk category and requires you to get a High Risk Auto Insurance .

At isure, we believe honest people with bruised insurance records deserve a second chance.

For many of the country’s big insurers, their answer will always be ‘No”. We don’t think that’s right and that’s why we offer the largest range of High Risk Auto Insurance Companies of any insurance provider across the country. Let’s make sure you are covered and stay on the road while your driver record recovers to normal status again.

To get a  quick high risk auto insurance quote  , click on  “Get a Quote” button and then go to  “Auto” tab to start your quote .

isure’s high risk auto insurance advice

All you need to know about high risk driver insurance

One of the toughest things to live with if you’re a driver is being high risk. The classification results in higher premiums, tougher restrictions, and fewer options. Naturally, the classification is a result of your own doing BUT it does not need to be the end of the world. You can still find cheap insurance as a high risk driver and eventually remove the classification. At isure, we believe honest people with bruised insurance records deserve a second chance. In this article we’ll be answering as many high risk driving questions as we can.

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The way to better premiums and safer roads

One of the biggest complaints about car insurance is that premiums are based on liability related to a person’s peer group. Higher risk groups, like new or young drivers , tend to pay very high premiums. Now, with the use of Telematics Insurance or Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), premiums can be priced based on one’s own habits. Telematics Insurance involves the installing of a simple device that provides feedback regarding a driver’s braking, cornering, speed and overall driving habits.

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isure High Risk Auto Insurance means:

Guilt-free Quoting Process

We will aggressively shop your insurance needs across the widest set of insurers with the respect you deserve.

Same Day Policies

Often, you may need to get back on the road right after a insurance non-renewal or driver conviction, we will turnaround policy coverage quickly for you.

Expert isure Broker Advice

We will welcome you and give you the best advice on when and how to get back into a cheaper, low-risk insurer coverage as you rehabilitate your bruised driver record.
isure's High Risk Auto Insurance options:
  1. isure Telematics

    Prove to the insurers that you are a safe driver and join our isure Telematics program that monitors and improves driver behavior. Click here to learn more about isure’s Telematics program .

  2. Safety Discounts
    We’ll look for discounts by advising you on options of driving a vehicle of lesser value, applying aftermarket safety equipment or taking driver education classes in return for savings.