Tamara Butt

My iStory

I began my Insurance career at Grey Power Insurance in 2008. A move to a traditional brokerage helped me acquire commercial knowledge. I had the opportunity to work at a few different brokerages in my insurance career where I acquired knowledge in the various aspects of brokerage operations. In my short time with isure.ca, this is where I plan on spending the remainder of my working years.

My Human Side

  • My Big Interests: 
  • The Personal Factoid: I love to sing
  • The Fun Thing: 
  • Favourite Colour: Pink

My isure 411

  • The Professional Must-Have: 
  • Why You're an isure Believer: I believe that “isure is all about the insured’s” because when I hear our brokers speaking to insureds, we are not just about the sale, we are trying to find the best fit of Insurance for each individual. Based on the feedback I have personally heard from our clients is that our service is so great that insured’s will want to be with us even if that means them spending extra money.
  • The Insurance Industry 3 Years from Now:  I would like to see the insurance rates go down for the good drivers. If all companies out there would offer an additional discount for each renewal or something along those lines to reward the good driver’s and not have things as a pool as they are now.
  • If I wasn’t working for isure I’d be: I have always wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. If I could, that’s where I would be.