the Digital NinjaInsurance Advice for the Digital Ninja

Most of the insurance world still operates like it’s 1950 !

That is so pre-internet and decidedly not tech-enabled. As a leading online insurance broker, isure embraces people with your type of digital lifestyle.

Who is the Digital Ninja?
How many Canadians?
isure Insurance Guidance
  1. isure Open Insurance Monitor

    isure publishes the car insurance rate filing of all the top 50 insurers. You want open, trustworthy and transparent, we give it to you.

  2. Mobile Savvy Insurance

    isure recently made sure that all of its web properties provide as mobile-centric an experience as possible. It just makes sense - close to half of our new enquiries come from a smartphone or tablet.

  3. No More Paper

    Paper applications, paper files… all gone at isure. We will take care of you insurance with your digital signature, or over the phone. No snail mail of application, or mandatory face-to-face meetings here… unless you want a face-to-face meet of course!

  4. isure Tree Pledge

    We know you like to deal with companies with a soul. And we think we have one. We’re trying to build a better world, better communities and a better industry one policy at a time, by donating a planted tree in your name. It’s a small thing, but it still counts.

  5. isure Telematics

    Sensors are everywhere. On buildings, on our bodies, in our smartphones. Why not on your car? If you think you’re a safe driver, generate discounts and feedback by becoming part of isure’s Telematics driver program for free.

  6. isure No Barrier Between Us and You

    We like to think of isure as an open book. We publish our entire employee list online and let you know why we’re so proud of them, and why they are so passionate about isure. Which other insurance company does that?

  7. isure Social Media Content

    isure was one of the first to embrace social media. That’s right, insurance on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram (selfie that, you faceless big insurance companies). Plus, we like to be ourselves on social, so no clumsy insurance-speak either. Let’s tip over those stodgy, insurance sacred cows.

  8. isure Connection the Way You Want

    As an online insurer, we have given 5 possible ways to get in touch with us – phone, toll-free phone, email, social, chat, and even a face-to-face if you want. Heck, we’d even offer letter mail, but do people still do that?