CES 2017

The Best Auto Tech at CES 2017


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just wrapped up and some incredible technology was on display. While CES 2017 had everything from virtual reality to robots, cars and smart tech stole the show. As more companies focus on the coming automation of vehicles, many began showing off their concepts. Some of these products will never see production, but they hint at an exciting future that’s closer than we think. If you want to see the future of the car industry, look no further than the Best Auto Tech from CES 2017.

CES 2017 Auto Technology

Ford Adds Alexa Voice Controls

One of the best auto tech announcements at CES 2017 is something that will go into effect soon. Ford is enabling integration between its SYNC 3 system and Amazon’s Alexa this summer. The integration will enable natural voice controls. You can ask for the weather, or add an item to your shopping list. You could also ask a math question or to turn off your smart enabled lights at home. Naturally, it’s also just a start of a system that’s getting better each day.

Toyota’s Yui AI

While Toyota revealed a concept smart car, the highlight of the vehicle was their Yui AI system. Not only does it assist the driver in driving safe, but it’s a system that learns. Yui AI is able to read human emotion and respond when it detects different moods. If Yui detects you are tired, it can engage you in conversation or control the radio. It can also help control temperature and other features in the car. It’s not perfect in its current form, but for a concept, it’s a great start.

Bosch Parking Assistant

A unique service offered by Bosch, in partnership with Mercedes aims to help finding parking. The system enables the use of ultrasound-based sensors, and a digital street map to create a real-time parking map. This will enable both the user, and others to more easily find open spaces and simplify parking.

Panasonic + Qualcomm’s Infotainment System

This partnership between Panasonic and Qualcomm aims to make driving more enjoyable. While promising to be a leader in the field, the system aims to replace the existing “Android Auto”. You’ll be able to better manage GPS and navigation, pull up music, take calls, and much more.

VW ID/Smart Key

VW brought a new app/VW ID system to CES 2017. The app aims to make the transition between vehicles as easy as possible. It also hopes to make accessing cars in foreign cities (vacations/business) much easier. The app will take in your data set, then apply it to other VW vehicles. It will configure displays, adjust seats, program music and integrate with third party apps automatically when you rent or buy a new VW.

CES 2017 Cars

Honda’s NeuV Smart/Ride Sharing Car

Announced back in December, the Honda NeuV is a 2-seat concept car for the smart era. The car is electric, self-driving and smart enabled. That technology includes being able to detect emotion from the driver and respond accordingly. Best of all, this piece of CES Auto Tech is capable of earning the owner money when not in use with a built-in ridesharing mode.

Fiat Chrysler’s Portal Minivan

Aimed at a younger audience, the Portal Minivan is a concept autonomous car that hints at what they may be planning. The Portal includes self driving features, as well as fast charging to deliver 240 kilometers with a 20-minute charge. Some other unique features include facial recognition that immediately adjust to that person’s settings.

Faraday Future FF91

While Tesla leads the world in electric vehicles, Faraday Future is aiming to be a competitor. Their first production car showed off at CES 2017 was the FF91 SUV. The electric vehicle has a 600-kilometer range, 1050 horsepower and goes from zero to 60 (mph) in 2.39 seconds. The car is going to be available in 2018 with deposits being taken now.

BMW’s Vision Van

This all-electric van looks odd on the surface until you realize it’s purpose. This van has built-in drone technology that delivers and fetches packages. It also includes telematics to track parcels more accurately. (Sidenote: We at isure already offer telematics that can help cut your insurance rate!)



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