Commercial Realty Insurance


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Do you own commercial real estate? It would help if you had insurance to protect it against a wide range of risks. Commercial realty insurance covers property damage, loss of income and also provides coverage for employees and tenants.

Commercial realty insurance applies to buildings such as:

Office buildings
Apartments, condominiums and townhouses complexes
Malls, plazas and retail stores
Industrial buildings
Other commercial buildings
When shopping for your business’s insurance with the help of an isure insurance broker, we will recommend that you include certain perils in your policy, such as:
Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial General Liability
Equipment Breakdown
Loss of Retail Income coverage
What Is Commercial Property Insurance?
Commercial property insurance protects against a range of risks, such as smoke, fire, theft, water and vandalism. Commercial property insurance coverage extends to buildings, supplies, inventory, equipment, computers, furniture, lighting, landscaping, fencing and more!
What Is Commercial General Liability?
Commercial general liability insurance covers liability for injuries or damage to third parties arising from your business’ operation. Third-party can refer to employees, suppliers, customers, and this includes yourself. Coverage for commercial general liability insurance includes property damage, bodily injury, medical expenses and the employee benefits program.
What Is Equipment Breakdown Insurance?
If your business relies on equipment, make sure you have the necessary insurance for its coverage. Machinery breakdown can often result in losses far more significant than what it costs to buy an insurance policy. Machinery breakdown insurance covers physical damage from accidents and other sudden incidents. Equipment breakdown extends to equipment in the following categories: air conditioning, electrical and mechanical, communications, production systems, alternative/renewable energy and more.
Income Loss and Business Interruption Insurance
If your business is compelled to suspend operations due to a civil order or physical damage, business interruption insurance covers lost income. To claim loss of revenue, it is your responsibility to provide proof of loss, and the loss must be due to damage caused and not from other factors.

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