Do you want to buy an insurance policy or peace of
mind? Ask us any question, feel confident in the
answers – we’re isure.

Insurance knowledge/expertise is the 2nd most desirable trait in choosing
and staying with your insurance company (Source: isure 2015 survey).
At isure, we believe it’s about the quality and quantity of conversations and
interactions we have with you.
In industry research, just half of people end up being satisfied from
interactions with their insurance companies. Their problems remain
unresolved and the answers provided are insufficient. Even though more
than half of you would like to hear from your insurer at least semi-annually,
less than half of you have interacted with your insurer over the last 18
months (Source: Ernst & Young).
Here’s how isure’s experienced brokers are addressing the knowledge and
expertise gaps:

During business hours or after business hours, if you are connecting with isure, you’ll always be talking to an experienced, licensed broker. Our brokers have an average of 10 years expertise and can stickhandle through the most interesting personal and commercial insurance questions.
isure takes a pulse of the marketplace and customer feedback with deep surveys twice per year and monthly surveys on more specific topics.
isure makes our knowledge public by posting, broadcasting, opinionating and visualizing customer questions, recent research, industry developments and points of view on our industry for all to see.
isure maintains one of the strongest relationships to their partner insurance companies of any broker across the country. If there is something new or interesting coming down the pipe, we are usually one of the first ones asked to be involved.
isure provides some of the best essential online guides and information across a breadth of 20+ different insurance profiles, lifestyles, life stages, situations and occupations. You’ll likely identify with at least one of them.