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One of the toughest things to live with if you’re a driver is being labeled a High Risk Driver . The classification results in higher premiums, tougher restrictions, and fewer options. Naturally, the classification is a result of your own doing BUT it does not need to be the end of the world. You can still find cheap insurance as a high risk driver and eventually remove the classification. Today, we’ll be answering as many high risk driving questions as we can.

Q.What is a high risk driver?

A high risk driver is someone who has been in events that an insurance company considers ‘risky’. Essentially, it means that you seem more likely to be involved in an incident requiring a pay out. Events that can get you listed as high risk include:

  • Being a new driver, or a young driver.
  • Having been in two or more minor traffic incidents.
  • If you have been in one or more major traffic incidents such as drunk driving, high speeding, street racing etc.
  • Having been the cause of two or more ‘at fault’ accidents.
  • If a previous insurer canceled your insurance.
  • If you have a suspended license.
  • Having many tickets for a variety of offenses.

Q.Can I get insurance as a high risk driver?

Yes, you can get insurance as a high risk driver. Unfortunately, you will be pay more than if you were a regular driver. Your best course of action to finding reasonably priced high risk insurance is to submit a  high risk auto insurance quote with isure. We check with many partners to find the best rate for you.

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Q. Is there cheap insurance for high risk drivers?

In truth, there is no such thing as truly cheap insurance for high risk drivers. That said, there will be cheaper insurance with certain providers compared to others. To find the cheapest high risk insurance, you’ll need to check with a variety of providers. isure is a great company to start your search with because we have partnerships with many insurance providers. When you submit a quote, we get results from many of the best insurance providers in the country.

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Q. How can I save money as a high risk driver?

Yes, you can definitely save money as a high risk driver. While insurance premiums can be high, these simple suggestions will sometimes help you save. The first thing you should do is consider paying your insurance up front. In some cases, there may be a slight discount to do so. You can drive one of the safest cars on the roads, have an active theft alarm, and even refrain from driving to and from work. All these things help to reduce your premiums and save you money.

Q. How long does an accident remain on my record?

Accidents and other traffic violations remain on your driving record for many years. In most of Canada, an accident remains on your record for 6 years while traffic tickets remain for 3 years. As such, it is possible to clean your record and get better rates after long-term proof of safe driving.

Q.Can my existing insurance company cancel my policy because I am high risk?

Yes, when your policy comes up for renewal an insurance company can choose not to renew with you. In most cases, if an insurance company decides to cancel your policy it is because of two reasons. First, the term of the policy has elapsed and secondly, because you make too many claims according to their own internal standards.

If you have an active policy and the insurance company is choosing to cancel it, that can also be because of two reasons. One is that you may be late in your payments, while the second can be that you left out important details when acquiring the policy.

In either case, an insurance company need to provide notice that they are canceling the policy. If personally served, they can cancel within 5 days, while through mail it can be made effective in 15 days.

At isure, we believe honest people with bruised insurance records deserve a second chance. For many of the country’s big insurers, their answer will always be ‘No”. We don’t think that’s right and that’s why we offer the largest range of High Risk Insurance Companies of any insurance provider across the country. Let’s make sure you are covered and stay on the road while your driver record recovers to normal status again.

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