With cooler temperatures on the horizon, the fear of an increased heating bill is real. While every year you do your best to cut your heating bill as much as possible, sometimes the best efforts don’t have a huge impact. We’ve done the legwork for you and researched some of the most efficient ways you can reduce your heating costs. Some of these tips are wholly practical, while others may have never occurred to you.

1. Bubble wrap your windows

You may or may not already know about the plastic film that you can put over your windows to help insulate them during the winter. Amazingly, bubble wrap can do even more to help keep the cold out, as it has little pockets of air. Instead of passing that coldness throughout your home, it gets trapped inside each bubble. Working in tandem with plastic film, you will keep your home warmer, but the only downside is that it reduces visibility out the window.

2. Drop the thermostat

Naturally, if you accept a colder temperature inside, it will result in savings. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to turn your home into an igloo. You can drop the temperature significantly at night or when you leave for work. Each degree you drop the thermostat will save you roughly 1% per 8 hours.

3. Re-caulk where needed

Re-caulking around windows is an amazing way to cut your heating bill and it’s incredibly affordable. You have likely read the importance of caulking around windows and doors before, but we’re here to reiterate. Re-caulking your windows will do wonders in cutting down your heating bill by sealing cold air from coming in and hot air from going out.

4. Check your weatherstripping

Drafts are one of the most noticeable causes of heat loss in a home because one of the most common reasons is failed weatherstripping. Replacing weatherstripping is a rather easy task that will result in immediate improvements to your heating bill. Some doors have weatherstripping slots built right in, allowing you to easily swap them out. Alternatively, if your door does not have them, there are self-adhesive types as well, which are especially useful around edges and the doorframe.

5. Insulate your electrical boxes

Your electrical boxes can be a big source of drafty cold air that exists behind your drywall. While their overall impact on your heating bill might not be massive, the cost to fix this is minor, as well. With simple insulating pads (which cost as little as $0.25 each,) you’ll keep the cold air behind the walls.

6. Put more green in your home

One of the biggest reasons why a home feels colder is if the humidity levels are low. To make your home feel warmer and more inviting without having to turn up the thermostat, simply purchase more houseplants. If you have a higher amount of live plants in your home, they will generate humidity. This won’t directly cut the cost of your heating bill, but it will help you turn it down a degree or two (which will!)

While you are doing these simple home upgrades to cut your heating bill, consider savings that could come from better home insurance. It’s entirely possible that you have been overpaying, so get a quote from us today.

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