To help drivers save money on car insurance, Pembridge Insurance has created the My_BRIDGE program. This program is a fantastic way to save money and is very user-friendly. isure has gathered all the information you need to help you understand this program and why it may be beneficial to you.  

What is My_BRIDGE? 

My_BRIDGE is an app and online program to help drivers save money on car insurance. By gathering data for six months based on a drivers’ individual driving behaviour, the program rewards you for your safe habits. My_BRIDGE uses telematics technology and UBI (usage-based insurance) to receive the best results possible on driving speeds, driving during safe hours and frequency of hard stops. The application itself monitors five driving trips and replicates the My_BRIDGE monitoring process, which will then provide you with an overview of your driving habits and projected discount range. This program is free for all Pembridge customers. 

How do I join My_BRIDGE? 

Before joining the My_BRIDGE program, we recommend speaking with a member of our isure team to see if the program is right for you. After accepting the membership agreement, you will receive next steps to set up your account.

To download the My_BRIDGE app on your smartphone, head to The App Store (iOS version) or Google Play (Android version).  

What are the benefits of joining My_BRIDGE? 

There are many benefits to joining My_BRIDGE, the first being that it is free for all Pembridge customers to download. You can save up to 30% on auto insurance after six months, along with 10%-15% off just by joining. Signup is super easy, and downloading the app will also reward you with 5% off! However, discount rates vary by province, so we recommend speaking with your isure broker to verify your discount rates. The data collected is confidential and will never be used outside of the My_BRIDGE app unless required by law. The terms and conditions of the membership will provide you with any additional details. Finally, My_BRIDGE can help improve your overall driving habits because members can review their driving history at any time!

Will My_BRIDGE have an impact on my insurance premium? 

No, using My_BRIDGE will not increase your insurance premium.  

Through monitoring driving habits, Pembridge is helping drivers save and making the roads safer. When My_BRIDGE was released in 2016, Pembridge president Bob Tisdale stated, “Consumers are sophisticated and educated. They want more control of their lives, including their auto insurance premiums. Pembridge is well-positioned to cater to these evolving needs with initiatives such as My_BRIDGE, by empowering drivers to directly influence their premiums.” 

If you require more information about the Pembridge My_BRIDGE program or app, contact your isure broker or the My_BRIDGE Support Team at [email protected] or 1-866-320-4622.

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