It is incredibly important to regularly check your car battery, even if you are working from home. Ensuring your battery is fully functional and charged is vital in case of an emergency. When the time comes to update or replace your car battery, contact a reputable company to help you. CAA provides fantastic mobile battery services that can be accessed from wherever you need them, whether that’s your home or the side of the road. isure has compiled a collection of commonly asked questions and answers regarding the maintenance of your car battery.  

How will I know it’s time for a car battery replacement? 

In order to keep your car functional and safe, it is important to recognize signs that your battery needs to be replaced. Here are three major indicators that it’s time for a car battery replacement: 

  1. The car takes longer to turn on 
  2. The dashboard lights are functional, but the car itself will not turn on 
  3. There is heavy corrosion or film on the battery 

It is also important to note that just because your car battery light is on does not mean the battery has an issue. It is normal for the battery light to turn on when starting your car. However, if the light stays on while driving, there is most likely an issue with your battery that needs to be fixed promptly.  

How often should I change my car battery? 

You should aim to change your car battery every three years. However, certain elements outside of your control can affect the lifespan of your battery and may require you to change it more frequently. One major factor that can affect your battery’s lifespan is any kind of extreme temperature. Car batteries rely on liquid to function properly, therefore summer humidity has the ability to melt down your car’s battery acid over time. Heat and humidity also increase the chance of corrosion on your battery.

On the flip side, extremely cold temperatures can also negatively affect your battery. Cold weather also impacts the density of engine oil, making it more difficult for the battery to run effectively. In addition to analyzing the temperature, it is helpful to think of how you utilize your car when considering how often to change the battery. If you use your car less frequently but take longer drives when you do use it, the battery will have more time to recharge. If you use your car often but take smaller trips, then the battery will have less time to recharge and will need to be replaced more frequently.   

How do I boost my car battery?

  1. First, turn off everything in your car!
  2. Connect the positive cable (+)(red) to the positive post (+)(red) of the dead battery.
  3. Clip the other end of the positive cable to the working battery in the other vehicle.
  4. Connect the negative cable (-) (black) to the negative post of the working battery in the other vehicle.
  5. Link the other end of the negative cable to a metal part of the dead vehicle’s engine. DO NOT attach the negative cable to the negative post.
  6. Start the engine of the working vehicle, than start the vehicle with the dead battery. Once it’s started, let them run for a few minutes so that the dead battery can hold the charge.
  7. Safely disconnect the cables in reverse order.

For more information, read our article: 7 steps to boost your car battery.

What does CAA offer? 

CAA’s mobile battery services are very user-friendly and easy to access. A simple visit to their website will lead you to a battery quote form to fill out, including the model of your car and the type of engine. CAA’s mobile battery services are able to replace, recycle and test your car’s battery from any location. Both installation and delivery are included in this service with no additional costs. Additionally, CAA members save $25 when purchasing a new CAA premium battery. Contact isure today to check your CAA coverage and benefits.

What are the benefits of working with CAA? 

There are many benefits to using CAA’s mobile battery services. All CAA premium batteries are covered by a six-year total warranty, which includes a free replacement if your battery dies within the first three years of purchase. More information on CAA’s warranty policies can be found on their official website. Members are able to test their batteries (by request) at any time by calling CAA roadside assistance, which is accessible online by logging in with your membership number and postal code. If your battery needs to be replaced, CAA will dispose of your old battery with no additional charge.  

We hope these answers clarify some of the more commonly-asked questions around the maintenance of your car’s battery. Contact isure with any questions regarding your CAA coverage or if you’d like to inquire further about car insurance discounts.

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