What is the oddest insurance policy you know of? Auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance are standard, but what unusual policies do you know? Logically, if you had to guess you might pick things like tornado insurance, terrorism insurance and probably specific item insurance (such as a family heirloom). If you really want to know the oddest insurance policies, you need to think weirder! We’ve looked through the insurance archives to find the most unusual, the weirdest and the craziest insurance policies ever acquired!

5 of the Oddest Insurance Policies

Alien Abduction Insurance
If ET lands his UFO in your backyard and abducts you – you may make a claim! There are a surprising number of alien abduction policies that have been acquired around the world, roughly 33,000! However, if you’re less worried about being abducted and more worried about alien damage, perhaps a UFO Damage Insurance policy might be right for you! Though, it’s the ETs who need insurance if they damage property!

Chest Hair Insurance
What’s up Pussy Cat? Tom Jones was quite the sex symbol decades ago, and part of that sex appeal comes from his chest hair. Mr Jones has an active insurance policy worth $7M in event that something horrific happens to his chest mane. For example, a fire, or someone with clippers takes it all off in the middle of the night. It begs the question – is chest hair sexy?

Virgin Birth Insurance
Are you concerned that you might be the second coming of Mary and about to be pregnant through immaculate conception? Then Virgin Birth Insurance is for you! There are currently four different people with the policy. Three nuns, and a woman concerned that in the year 2000, it would trigger her pregnancy. So far, there have yet to be any payouts though.

Zombie Apocalypse Insurance
In event that a zombie virus breaks out – and you don’t die… who is going to pay for the clean up? Alright, this is admittedly one of the silliest insurance policies we’ve ever heard of. If the zombie apocalypse happens, money to pay for repairs will be the least of your worries. That said, a UK insurance company has a policy available in case you really do want coverage for such things!

Cold Feet Insurance
Cold Feet Insurance used to be one of the oddest insurance policies that regular people would invest in. But, In truth, it has become a lot more mainstream in recent years. You’re ready to get married, the venue is booked, everything is planned… and last minute, one party backs out. Without wedding insurance, it is a giant loss!

While we don’t have any of these policies available, we do have great coverage for you in a variety of more ‘normal’ insurance coverages! Everything from our fantastic auto insurance, to home based business insurance, we can cover you! Plus, if you have ANY insurance questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to answer any questions – yes, even your alien abduction insurance questions.

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