What’s a little harmless fun on Devil’s Night (October 30th) or Halloween (October 31st?) Well, if you ask a few people every year – a headache and a bill for thousands of dollars! Yes, every year some homeowners or car drivers fall victim to pranks that go too far. With comprehensive insurance coverage, the cost is often covered and the person is safe. Failing to have full coverage can leave you in the dark. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story… the Tale of Halloween Pranks.


One of the most classic Halloween pranks is the toilet paper prank. A group of people armed with rolls of TP take to throwing the rolls over tree limbs, on the roof and in the bushes. The result is a real pain to clean up but it’s mostly harmless to your property. It can be different when a car is involved. Unlucky cars sometimes experience scratch damage while a TP prank occurs. This is generally classified vandalism and as long as you have comprehensive insurance, the damages will be covered. It’s just one example of a prank that can have unintended consequences.


If you’ve ever been the unfortunate victim of a Flying Pumpkin attack, you know how scary it can be. In recent years, the frequency of this kind of ‘prank’ has increased. Out of nowhere, a heavy thud hits the side or front of the car sending you into an immediate panic. Hopefully, you remain calm enough to not lose control of the vehicle and instead pull over to the side. Unsure if you hit something, you exit the car to find it covered in pumpkin remains – and a massive dent. While it’s a frightening sight, comprehensive coverage will usually cover you.


You hear the sound of laughter and the crack of something hitting your car. As you walk outside the voices run off, and you see eggs running down your car. Lucky you – you caught it while it’s fresh and easily washable. Every year, dozens of people don’t realize their car was hit with eggs and endure a major headache. Eggs are acidic by nature which eat at your paint job. This is made worse by the fact that eggs, when they dry, become like a glue. When you go to clean them off, they often strip paint with them. As a result, the cost to repaint can be high. However, again considered vandalism, most eggings (and any subsequent damage) are under comprehensive coverage.


You’ve turned your home into a house of horrors to scare a few of the neighbourhood kids. One kid steps up, gets freaked out, turns to run, trips on a pumpkin and experiences some significant injuries. The question becomes are you liable for your Halloween prank? Yes, you are as there is a duty of care while he was on your property. However, with proper home insurance you can rest in peace!

The value of good insurance coverage is immeasurable. While you want to have a scary Halloween, the consequences of certain Halloween pranks can be frightening! Consider speaking to isure brokers to find out if you have the right coverage for a safer Halloween ! And from everyone at isure have a happy and safe Halloween!

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