The entire world is going through a rather daunting and unforeseen situation. Most businesses are temporarily closed as an effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in Canada and reduce its spread to keep everyone safe. With that, it has been strongly advised that Canadians stay home, especially if they feel ill or have recently been out of the country. This likely means that most of us are driving less as we spend more time at home. As a result, there is an opportunity for Canadians to save on their auto insurance policy during COVID-19.

Read on to learn more about the ways you can reduce your auto insurance premium during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Usage-based insurance (UBI) allows drivers the option to reduce their insurance premiums based on how often they drive, the distance, and when they are driving. This pay-as-you-drive option or pay-as-you-go option uses a technological program to monitor the driver’s habits, tracking their driving styles, from when and how far they drive to speed, braking, and acceleration patterns. If you are working from home or off of work for the duration of this pandemic, signing up for UBI can help save you money. Not all insurance companies offer UBI so consult with your insurance broker regarding the UBI offers and how you can take advantage and benefit from that type of insurance.


If you have two vehicles on the road and you are only using one during the pandemic to commute for essentials, it may be in your best interest to suspend one vehicle’s coverage. This does mean that you cannot drive this vehicle while the coverage is suspended, however, during a time where non-essential stores and most places are closed, you will not require this additional vehicle anyway. If the policy also includes rental car insurance, it will be placed on hold as well and you may have to purchase the rental car company’s insurance coverage.


Deductibles are the portion of insurance that you agree to pay upfront before the insurer’s coverage begins when you file a claim. The higher a deductible is, the lower monthly insurance premiums can be. As you’re on the road less often, the potential of you getting into an accident decreases drastically. By increasing your coverage deductible, you can make even a small difference in the overall cost the insurance provider will charge for your auto insurance coverage.


If you’re using your vehicle to commute to work or have to go into the business occasionally, you should inform your insurer of the fact that you’re driving less and inquire about potential savings. Changing the vehicle classification from commuting to “pleasure” driving means you’re lowering the number of annual kilometers you drive as listed on the insurance policy.

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