Happy International Women’s Day! There is no better day to celebrate the brave, strong and powerful women in your life. An annual celebration across the world, International Women’s Day honours the achievements and contributions of women worldwide, while challenging the discrimination and oppression that they still face in 2023. It reminds us to always empower women of all walks of life who have been subjected to harmful and isolating oppressions throughout their lives. At isure, we strongly believe in doing our part to educate ourselves not only today, but everyday. This is why we created a list of  informative and inclusive activities to take part in during International Women’s Day, whether it be alone or with loved ones.

1. Watch a documentary about women’s rights

A great way to learn about International Woman’s Day and the struggles women face is by watching one of of the many documentaries available online. Documentaries are a great method of taking big, difficult topics and making them easier to understand. This can be helpful when it comes to a topic as enormous and daunting as gender equality. With so many streaming services out there, there really is no shortage of information when it comes to documentaries. Here are some that we recommend:

  • Feminists: What Were They Thinking?
  • I Am Greta
  • Miss Representation
  • Period. End of Sentence
  • Homecoming
  • He Named Me Malala
  • Saudi Women’s Driving School
  • Gloria: In Her Own Words
  • Reversing Roe
  • She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

2. Read a book on gender equality

Due to the status of women varying from country to country or city to city, building a library of diverse experiences is crucial when it comes to understanding the women of the world. It is also an incredible way to inform yourself of the struggles women are still facing today. International Women’s Day is a fantastic time to pick up a book and learn more about gender equality. With so many to choose from, you’ll never have a shortage of information. Here are some recommendations:

  • “We Should All be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • “Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History” by Katie Schatz
  • “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker
  • “A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf
  • “Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics” by Bell Hooks
  • “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe
  • “Sexual Politics” by Kate Millett
  • “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan
  • “Invisible Women: Exposing data Bias in a World Designed for Men” by Caroline Criado Perez
  • “Possessing The Secret of Joy” by Alice Walker

3. Listen to a podcast on women’s equality

If you are working during the day or will not have the time to sit back with a book or a movie, then indulging in a new podcast to listen to during the day is the perfect option for you. By learning something new, laughing along and feeling connected to the hosts and other listeners, podcasts are a great way to keep yourself informed in a laid-back manner. We live in a time where it seems as if a new podcast is making waves every day, so there is always a plethora of shows at your finger-tips that explore the topic of gender equality and women’s rights. Some popular choices include:

  • Womanica
  • Girlboss Radio
  • Woman’s Hour
  • Call Your Girlfriend
  • Unladylike
  • The Cut
  • Red Table Talk
  • The History chicks
  • Our Body Politic
  • The Professional Homegirl Podcast

4. Get informed!

Informing yourself of the struggles women face around the world (and in our own country) is an incredible way to spend International Women’s day. There are many injustices that nearly all women face on a day to day basis. From reproductive injustice to economic inequality, learning about the injustices that are still faced everyday is crucial. This is why it is important to inform yourself, particularly when it comes to matters that take place in countries outside of ours. Inform yourself on topics such as the grueling oppression women face in Iran, or the intersection of climate and gender justice. In order to stand with women, you must first be properly informed as to what is going on.

5. Take action

Though becoming informed is a great step towards bettering yourself, it is just as important to take action. This International women’s day, consider doing your part by informing others and making changes. If you are at work on this specific day, consider hosting or encouraging your staff to take part in honouring your female coworkers. If you would like to go a step further, consider starting a fundraiser with your workplace for the month of March.

In Toronto, there are many women-run shelters for woman that are always taking donations. A good example of one is Sisteringlocated at 962 Bloor street West. Sistering is a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women and trans people within the city of Toronto. Particularly focusing on women who are homeless or precariously housed. You can also do your part by donating to any of the multiple charities that are set up to aid the women of Iran, such as the Center for Human Rights in Iran.

6. Support women-led and women-owned businesses

Another great way of showing your support on International women’s day is by supporting some of the many women-led and women-owned businesses that are located right in your community! Whether it be by purchasing some groceries from a women-owned independent grocer, or by treating yourself to some new clothing from a women-led clothing company, there are many ways you can show your support in your own unique way! If you are unsure about some woman-owned businesses in your area, don’t fret! You can always look at this list of 20 female-owned Canadian businesses and do some online shopping!

7. Attend an event for International Women’s Day

Many events will be held throughout the province on International Women’s Day, and attending one is a great way to show your support! If you’re in the city, an International Women’s day celebration is being held at Metro Hall in Toronto from 4-9:30PM. Sit back and learn as women from all parts of the globe share uplifting stories and inspire other women within the city. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to some of the most talented and hardworking women the province has to offer. All while learning a thing or two in the process.

We hope you have an amazing day empowering yourself and those strong women in your life around you. Happy #IWD!

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