As of July 1st, 2021, new driving safety laws have been implemented. These laws ensure the continued safety of Ontario’s drivers, along with stricter penalties for reckless drivers. If you have any questions about how the laws affect your car insurance policy, speak with a member of our isure team!

What is changing?

A new penalty system for Ontario drivers began its rollout in stages on July 1st, 2021. The Moving Ontarians More Safely Act, or the “MOMS Act,” includes stricter penalties for unsafe, high-risk driving, including stunt driving. The MOMS Act creates effective safety laws for everyone. Additionally, the MOMS Act improves commercial truck safety, provides protection for cyclists and road workers and provides more oversight on the towing industry.

What are the new penalties in place for street racing or stunt driving?

Previously, the imposed roadside penalty for these activities was a seven-day licence suspension, along with a seven-day vehicle impoundment. The MOMS Act has now changed the penalty to a roadside 30-day licence suspension along with a 14-day vehicle impoundment. After receiving your first offence, you lose your licence for 1-3 years. Your second offence suspends your licence for 3-10 years. Three offences results in a lifetime licence suspension that may be reduced later, but after a fourth or subsequent offence, your licence will be permanently suspended.

How will the MOMS Act provide safety on the road?

The MOMS Act applies a variety of safety measures. Cameras will be placed inside streetcars to catch drivers who illegally pass. Additionally, drivers are charged for hitting cyclists when opening their car doors, as well as E-bikes will individually be categorized as bicycle-style, mopeds or motorcycle-style. For truck drivers, new enforcement tools for commercial drivers will be implemented, specifically for drivers behind the wheel for an extended period of time.

How will road workers be protected under the MOMS Act?

Road workers will also be protected under these new safety laws. The act authorizes Ministry of Transportation (MTO) enforcement officers to close roads necessarily for emergencies. In addition, automated control devices, or automated flaggers, will be used in construction sites. This will replace the need for workers to stand on busy roads to stop or direct traffic.

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