If you’re anything like the other 10 million Canadians watching the Bowl this Sunday you’ll probably either be at a party or hosting one yourself. Your party will likely include some good food, some cold drinks and some half time fun. While you’re planning your event don’t forget to protect yourself and your guests with some Liability Insurance.


So your party is underway and everyone is having a good time. The three layer dip went over well, you’ve got sausages on the BBQ for half time and cousin Jimmy hasn’t broken anything in the house just yet. Your guests go into the back yard for a little bit of half time three on three football action. One of your guests lays out for a touchdown catch but not before he slips on your icy patio and breaks his leg in three places. Ouch, penalty on the play! That’s going to be one hefty lawsuit against the homeowner. Fortunately you have purchased $2 million worth of liability insurance under your homeowner policy. Penalty declined!


You’ve stocked your fridge with plenty of beer for your guests because you’re a good host. Your guests eagerly partake because it’s the Super Bowl. Have you ever had a friend that might of had a few too many during the Super Bowl? Did someone take their keys away or call an audible and put them in a cab? Did you know that you could be found liable for any motor accidents arising out of an intoxicated guest leaving your home after you served them alcohol? Well it’s true, you can, and it happens far too often. Having a BYOB policy might reduce some of your responsibility but if you let someone leave your house with alcohol in their system you could be equally liable as they are for anything that happens. Be a good host, plan for a way home for your guests and keep our roads safe on one of the most dangerous days of the year.


There are a few insurance options to make sure you don’t fumble away the perfect Sunday. If you’re having a large party you’ll want to get a liquor licence and liquor liability insurance. A permit from the LCBO is only $25 for a one day event and insurance is a low as $150. If you are hosting a smaller get together with family or friends all you’ll need is proper home, tenant or condo insurance. If Cousin Jimmy gets a little over excited and throws an errant pass through your $4000 large screen smart TV you’ll want to have this coverage.


You have the perfect combination of picking the right guests; the right team (Go Panthers) and you definitely picked the right chili recipe. Make sure you take care of the minor details to make it a perfect Super Bowl by looking after the safety of your guests and picking the right insurance.

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