Ottawa is a beautiful Canadian city and has a number of areas that make it unique. Its ties to nature and its stunning scenery set it apart from its big-city counterparts. There are certain scenic routes that everybody needs to take in order to experience the beauty that Ottawa has to offer, so if you’re in the Ottawa area or are planning a trip there, the following list will provide you with the best scenic routes to take:


This is a fun uphill route you can take that branches off from Gatineau Parkway. This route will take you alongside the beautiful Gatineau Hills and will lead you to one of the most scenic areas of the park – Champlain Lookout.


You will get a look at Pink Lake and Camp Fortune with this route, which was built in the late 1950s. It is known for its greenery and beautiful rolling hills and is well paved, so you will enjoy going through it and will be thrilled when you pass by Pink Lake, one of the most scenic bodies of water in the entire park. 


Sights include the Ottawa River, Rideau Hall, the Aviation Museum, and 24 Sussex Drive. It is a well-paved route that winds alongside the Ottawa River and through the most luxurious neighborhood of the city, Rockcliffe Park. You will have beautiful views of the river and perfect imagery of the Gatineau Hills. 


This is a relaxing green route that is known as a great end destination. Once you arrive, you can spend a few hours relaxing there and most people do not leave without taking a few photos around the covered bridge. Sights include Morrison’s Quarry, Vorlage Ski Resort, and Wakefield Covered bridge. 


This is a flat route located on the Gatineau side of the Ottawa River and will take you up close to the stunning slopes of Gatineau Hills. Once you arrive, try parking your car and hiking up to the falls to get the full view of the Ottawa valley.


This is a popular route that takes drivers from beautiful Old Chelsea along the slopes of Camp Fortune to one of the biggest lakes in Gatineau Park. Taking this route will allow you to see the best that the park has to offer, including the most beautiful lakes and hills


If you’re interested in history, this route will be right up your alley. It is a gentle cruise that will take you through the downtown core and follows the historic UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal along the way. 

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