In a seemingly neverending time of uncertainty, we need to gravitate towards comfort and kindness. A way to exercise these feelings is to engage with our neighbours, friends and family even if we can’t be with them in person. Here are some simple tips for helping others during COVID-19.


Although it is essential to ensure you minimize trips to the grocery store, if you happen to have extra non-perishable goods in your pantry, consider taking a trip to a nearby food bank. It may not be possible to drop items off yourself, but contact your local food bank for more information on donations. Everyone needs food to eat, even in a time of social distancing. Also, donating money is a fantastic way to show support. At isure, we regularly support local food banks with our CanAid initiative.

You can also make help food banks without leaving you home with an online financial donation. 


Social media can often have negative impacts on our perception of people and our world, but right now, it is our best tool to stay connected with loved ones. Depending on how you use social media, take time to reach out to the ones you love. Send them a funny meme on Facebook, share a throwback Instagram photo and tag them, or if you’re comfortable, you can live stream and chat with many friends and family at the same time. Utilizing social media for good creates a sense of normalcy and connection while social distancing.


If you have any elderly, immune-compromised, or front-line working neighbours, ask if they need assistance. They may need help with getting weekly groceries, taking out their garbage, or even walking their dog. Ensure you wash your hands and are still social distancing when helping out, but helping out those who need it will give purpose to your day, and allow you to reconnect with a neighbour briefly. If there is a hospital near you, and you can, bring first responders a meal to thank them and take a weight off of their shoulders.


Due to social distancing, small businesses in your area are likely suffering. These businesses could be restaurants or shops, and they need your help. Even if you can’t visit them in person, show your support through online purchases. If there’s a locally owned restaurant in your area that you love, order take out from them. Research the way small shops have transitioned into this time of isolation. Maybe they are accepting online orders or have a reservation system where you purchase an item, and once the store opens publicly, you can pick it up in person. If you don’t know what to do for Mother’s Day or another celebration, take a look around your neighbourhood for inspiration and support the businesses that need it. Support local businesses today to help others during COVID-19

Local businesses are also uniting to offer services online during COVID-19.  If you live in downtown Toronto, check out Local For Locals.


If you are apart of an organization and are unable to help in person, take a look online to see how you can help. Many organizations have some form of social media, so even giving their Facebook page a like is showing your support. If you are involved with the management of an organization, take this time to either promote or create active social media accounts. This action will not only help out your organization but also give you something productive to do in your spare time.


With most workplaces moving online, for the time being, it is essential to foster relationships with colleagues outside of the 9-5 workday. Reach out to co-workers, and if they need help with anything, showing your support can go a long way. You can send resources to them virtually and offer advice. Anything to enforce a sense of normalcy will beneficial for helping others during COVID-19

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