There is a reason why spring cleaning is so popular! Now that the new year has hit the ground running, it’s the best time to revamp and declutter your home. As life picks up, organizing your space can sometimes be put on the back burner. As a result, you end up feeling scattered and messy. To be sure you start the year off on the right foot, here are our tips and tricks to help you organize your space.

1. Stay tidy 

Now, this tip may seem a bit redundant, but getting started on your cleaning journey can be more complicated than it seems. Taking time to tidy your space can change your day and help you see what it is that you have. It helps to put things away or clean up as soon as you are done using them. For example, if you are cooking, clean your appliances as you go along to avoid the dreaded pile of dirty dishes in your sink.

2. Create a schedule to organize your space

Before you think about ways to organize your space, create a schedule for yourself of when you will carve out time to clean. Pick a day every week or every other week that you are going to dedicate to cleaning. Remember, to organize, you must keep up with your cleaning. Having specific dates to do so each week will help you do this. The more you spread it out, the easier it will be to upkeep.

3. Learn to live with less

One thing that will help to organize your space is to try to make an effort to get rid of things that truly aren’t necessary. Go through everything you have in your space and ask yourself whether you need it. This process may take some time, but decluttering your space will help you retake control of your space and make life easier in the long run. Thrift stores or charity are both great alternatives to throwing out your leftovers. Things like clothing, shoes, accessories, holiday decorations, or even furniture, can find a new home if you donate them. The items might not have a place in your space, but they might be just what someone else needs for theirs.

4. Categorize your piles to organize your space

This next step is likely the easiest when it comes to organizing your space. Take everything you haven’t thrown out or donated and lay it out on the floor. After you’ve done this, categorize things into piles – beauty products, documents, etc. When the piles are complete, find a smart space in your room to put the different objects. If you use certain products daily, put them near the front door so when you need them, they will be there. For clothing, assign certain parts of your dresser or closet to each type, and put all of those items together in the same area. This way, you don’t have to spend time looking for a specific item, because it will always be in a logical and easy-to-find spot.

5. De-junk your junk drawers

Even junk drawers need some love! Most of us have those specific spots or areas that we tend to ‘dump’ loose items or strays. This can be your office space, a kitchen drawer full of old batteries or that space underneath your stairs. Even these spaces need to be cleared out from time to time, so make sure you don’t miss them! This tip is always helpful when organizing your space!

6. Organization has more than one definition

Please do keep this in mind – organization for one person may not look the same for the next. If having everything you own compartmentalized and put away helps to organize your space, then do that. However, if having everything laid out in the open makes you feel at ease, then go for it! Your space doesn’t have to look like it’s from an interior design magazine in order to be and feel organized.

Organizing your space is not a “one size fits all” situation; and every space will be different. What your space looks like is entirely up to you! Hopefully these tips and tricks will be able to help make your space feel clean and fresh. Happy organizing!

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