It seems only human to feel that your home is unorganized every once in a while. And as life picks up and time passes, less and less time can be given to truly organizing your space. Hopefully these tips can help start the new month or maybe the new school year off right, or if neither apply, can just help give a fresh start. All of these tips are very simple and straightforward, so hopefully they can be implemented into your daily life without causing extra stress.


Now this tip may seem a bit mundane, but it is still a very important first step to organizing your space. Even if your day-to-day life is extremely busy, taking time, maybe even 20 minutes, to tidy your space can really change your outlook on life, and also can help you see what it is you actually have. Pull out the vaccum, the windex and the duster and actually organizing your space; you’d be surprised at how therapeutic it is.


This step is extremely important; try to make an effort to get rid of things that truly aren’t needed. Go through everything you have in your space and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If the answer is no, then get rid of it. This process may be a lengthy one, depending on how much you have lying around, but the outcome will be very beneficial. Thrift stores or vintage shops are great for getting rid of clothing, shoes, accessories, or even furniture. Donating your belongings you don’t need feels great, and in the process, you are providing for others.


This next step is likely the easiest. Take everything you haven’t thrown out or donated and lay it out on the floor. After you’ve done this, categorize things into piles – beauty products, documents, etc. When the piles are complete, find a smart space in your room to put the different objects. If you use certain products daily, put them near the front door, or a mirror, so when you need them, they will be there. For clothing, assign certain parts of your dresser or closet to each type, and put all of those items together in the same area. This way, you don’t have to spend time looking for a specific item, because it will always be in a logical and easy to find spot.


Please do keep this in mind – organized for one person may not be how another person views being organized and having an organized space. If having everything you own compartmentalized and put away makes you feel organized and content, then do that, but if having everything laid out in the open makes you feel organized and content, then go for it! Your space doesn’t have to look like it’s from an interior design magazine in order to be and feel organized.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will be able to help make your space feel clean, fresh and organized. Happy organizing!

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