There are many different options for Ontario drivers to buy auto insurance.  Online insurance aggregators are websites providing online leads.  These websites are not licenced to sell insurance directly to you, so they sell your information to an insurance company, agent or broker.  Direct and Bank insurance companies offer single choice options.  They may operate from a website, call centre or local offices through insurance agents.  So Why use an insurance broker?  Insurance brokers are the only licenced option that works exclusively for customers.

Insurance Agents vs Insurance Brokers

While insurance agents are licenced, they are not independent.  They work for a single insurance company and can only offer the products and prices offered by that company. So if your situation changes, like you pick up an extra speeding ticket or have a new claim, you may no longer qualify for that company, and the agent will not be able to help you.  Think of it that a direct or bank insurance company wants customers that fit into a small defined box, and their agents cannot help you if you fall outside that box.

An insurance broker acts as an intermediary between insurance providers and you. Their existence is to help you get the right insurance for the best price. They work for clients and are not insurance company employees.  That, in itself, is reason enough to be using insurance brokers for all your insurance needs. Let’s also tackle some other questions related to insurance brokers.

What are Insurance Brokers?

Insurance brokers are intermediaries that deals with many different insurance companies. Because they have access to many insurers, they can deliver you many options. Those options mean that you can get the best plan for the best price. Consider it like this; based on your age, location, needs, and many other factors, each insurance provider has a different way they calculate rates. Instead of having to contact each of them, an insurance broker checks them all and delivers you the best option for you.

Why should you use Insurance Brokers?

Simply put, insurance brokers work for you and not the insurance company.  They shop the market to find you the lowers auto insurance premiums while not sacrificing your insurance coverage.  Be it better coverage or lower premiums; you will save money and have the coverage you need. Now, conventional logic says that if someone can save you money, that’s a big enough reason. But, if you’re not convinced, there are other reasons to use insurance brokers.

Independent Advice of an Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers are independent from the companies they represent. As such, they aren’t biased towards one company or another. Instead, if you have a question about your insurance options, they can provide an independent opinion. That opinion comes from experience.

Ease of Access

An insurance broker such as isure has access to many insurance companies and deals. While it is possible to get quotes, and track down deals from some insurance providers, it would take weeks of work. Insurance brokers get those answers fast.

Flexibility of Communication

Insurance brokers build their business on being flexible and accessible to their clients. While the phone is a standard method of communication, email, text, and even social media are all viable options. In a digital world, having many access points to your insurance broker is keeping with the times.

Transparency and Integrity

An insurance broker works for YOU, not the insurance companies. That means that getting you the proper product for the right price is their biggest concern. Once they find the right service, they get paid a commission by the insurance company. As such, there is no incentive for an insurance broker to pick one company over any other. Instead, it benefits them most by connecting you with the best service for your needs.

Insurance Broker are Professionally Regulated

Brokers are a regulated body by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario organization. Direct from their website: “The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) is a self-regulatory body. Established in October 1981, RIBO regulates the licensing, professional competence, ethical conduct, and insurance-related financial obligations of all independent general insurance brokers in the province.”

Why pick isure insurance?

isure is a leading Ontario insurance broker.  We live and breathe our motto, “Insurance About You,” and every day, look for ways to serve you better.  Since 2007, isure is one of the most forward-thinking insurance brokers in Ontario. We are always looking at ‘what’s next.’ Here are some of the primary reasons to work with isure!

  1. We provide more quote options than any bank or direct insurer. We take your quote requests and guarantee we’ll quote across over 10 of the best insurers in the province.
  2. We only deal with isure Approved insurance companies.  If we are not comfortable with an insurer for you, we won’t recommend them.
  3. You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Either via toll-free phone, live chat, Chatbot, email, social media, and more! We make ourselves as accessible as possible to you!
  4. You’re not just a policy number at isure. You’re a person with feelings, questions, and concerns. That’s who we are too – and we want to help you with your insurance needs!
  5. We’re open and transparent. If you have a question about our services, we’re able to answer.
  6. We’re at the forefront of new technology. We recently introduced paperless policies and electronic pink slips for your auto insurance.
  7. The isure pledge  to you!  Check it out!
  8. We answer your call in under 30-seconds!  No long phone queues at isure!

What Services does isure as an Insurance Broker provide?

isure provides a variety of services for our clients. We currently have four primary services we provide with more coming soon. Those services include:

  • Auto Insurance – Whether you’re the best driver or a high risk one, we’ll work with you to get you the best rate! We have a variety of products designed to suit your needs. Getting an auto insurance quote from us will give you an idea of what an insurance broker can do for you!
  • Home Insurance – With over 25 potential insurers, we are by far the most robust insurance broker in the market. Not only will you get the best insurance, but you’ll have peace of mind that we are here to answer questions at any time! Get a  home insurance quote right now!
  • Business Insurance  – Running a business is hard, and an accident or legal problem could be devastating. Instead of worrying, try a   quote for our business insurance and go to bed without fears!
  • Travel Insurance – Spend your next vacation relaxing, knowing that if the unlikely happens, we’ve got your back! Our travel insurance quotes will show you just how little it will cost to sleep well no matter where in the world you go to bed!


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