About Economical Insurance:  

Founded in 1871, Economical Insurance is one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurance companies, providing security and support for our customers and broker partners from coast to coast. They offer a wide range of personal, commercial, farm and surety products. They’ve also developed innovative products that meet the demands of Canadian’s busy lifestyle. All their products are supported by a solid history, financial stability and fast, efficient service on claims. Every year, they invest $1 million that supports charitable organizations and causes driving change and making a difference in the communities and regions where they do business.

Certified Insurer Since the Year:  1998

Why iSure likes them:

Expanded Product offering includes their related companies Perth Insurance (a strong high risk auto insurer), and Economical Select (their group insurer where we write members of the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce).

isure’s CEO Dario Battista Comments:

"They are transforming themselves from a traditional mutual to a leading edge insurer building on their sophisticated database to benefit their target market customers."

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