About SGI Canada:  

With a 70-year history , SGI Canada is a well-established insurance provider selling  personal and commercial auto and property insurance products in 5 Canadian provinces.  SGI offers insurance products only through a small group of  strategically-aligned  independent insurance brokers such as isure.  Strong, long-term partnerships with brokers are the core of SGI Canada business, and the heart of their  longevity and success.  They are committed to growing with brokers and customers in the Canadian market .

Certified Insurer Since the Year:  1945

Why iSure likes them:

As a broker-only company offering individualized ratings and with a great reputation within the insurance industry , isure clients will benefit by having them on the roster. SGI Canada improves isure's ability to compare more policy options and rates and that in turn, benefits our clients by giving them one more opportunity to find the best insurance policy in the market ! SGI have a reputation and track record of making true partnerships with their brokers .

isure’s CEO Dario Battista Comments:

We are very excited to be working with SGI to expand their products into the Ontario market. As a large established insurer in the west, SGI brings to Ontario a great experienced team. The SGI coverage offering will greatly expand their Coachman Brand to include standard home and auto insurance.