isure Approved Insurer Criteria


“You are the company you keep”

Being  a strong insurance brand  in our current age of openness and transparency is informed not just by how we present ourselves, but also by the people we associate with.

Thankfully, we have a great league of extraordinary insurance people – they are isure’s Approved Insurance partners. Many of our relationships with these 20+ insurers go back since our very beginnings. Some insurers make it back onto the list, some new ones are added and occasionally some get lopped off.

Here’s are 10 criteria on who make it into our club, all for the sake of our customers:

1. Exhibits financial stability

We need partners who are committed for the long haul, have few liabilities and who themselves have a strong financial outlook, so that they can aspire to new approaches and new lines of business with us.

2. Professionally managed and operated

You’d be surprised sometimes when you peer through the “wizard behind the insurance curtain”. We seek partners who get their business done efficiently and effectively, with a minimum of drama.

3. Offers superior insurance products

Product excellence is really a price of admission – our customers demand the best insurance products, with superior service turnaround at a strong value.

4. Continually improves and innovates their coverage offerings

Sharing economy? Telematics? Autonomous cars?  Social CRM? Automation where beneficial? Digital hacking? We’re thinking about it now and we seek partners that are too.

5. Provides excellence in claims service

When things go wrong, we need to be able to lean on the best-in-class claims people, process, turnaround and coverage from our partners.

6. Believes in the consumer’s right to choose

An essential part of today’s culture is freedom to choose. You see this demand in telco provider choices, travel options and restaurant variety, we think we should respect that in insurance too.

7. Has committed to the Canadian consumer by supporting the independent insurance brokers

Insurance is a very local business and we need our partners to understand that and our valuable broker role within that, in serving bespoke consumer needs.

8. Provides strong coverage and resources to the Canadian marketplace

Canada is not simply a rounding error to our much larger country to the south, or former colonial power to the east. We need to work with partners that have “skin in the game and boots on the ground” right here in Canada.

9. Embraces and integrates leading digital technologies and media

We like to move at digital speed – no slowpoke partners allowed. We seek out beta tests, joint ventures and first-mover, digital solutions jointly with our best partners.

10. Has a friendly company culture that invests in industry, local and global corporate responsibility.

Being a respected insurance company is more than just dollars and cents – we like to see the same of corporate social responsibility and commitment in our partners that we hold for ourselves.


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