Bundled InsuranceBundled Insurance

Why isure gives you Bundled Insurance that’s All About You

It’s true, most people don’t spend much time thinking about insurance. They fall into traps like fitness club members – pay fat rates each month without even knowing better. However, combining all of your policies can actually save you real money – hundreds if not thousands of dollars compared to having a variety of carriers. It’s also important to remember, that unless you like opening multiple pieces of mail each month, it’s less time that you have to spend sorting through, evaluating and paying each policy.

As a forward thinking broker, isure is your bundled insurance option of choice. Why? Since you get all the discounts you get with big insurers (sometimes more), with the choice of multiple insurers competing for you business (something direct insurers can never do), plus the tailored expertise of isure brokers at a click/chat/call/or visit away (something faceless quoting sites can’t offer), there is no downside.

isure Bundled Insurance means:

Home and Auto Insurance Discount

Save up to 20% when you insure your home (house, apartment, rental or condo) and automobile with isure.

Multi-Car Insurance Discount

Insure more than one vehicle with isure and save up to 20%.

Multi-Property Insurance Discount

Save up to 25% when you insure your primary residence, rental property and or seasonal cottage or vacation property with isure.

Umbrella Liability

Bundle in an isure Umbrella Liability policy for the most cost effective way to higher liability to protect you and your family.

More Choice Means More Bundle Discount Options

isure offers the widest range on insurer and bundle discounts that any online broker or direct insurer. Choice has it benefits and can save you money.
isure's Bundled Insurance options:
  1. Multiple-policy discounts

    isure can apply combinations of home insurance, auto insurance, cottage and trailer insurance, boat insurance or other isure policies.