Business Interruption InsuranceBusiness Interruption Insurance

Why isure gives you Business Interruption Insurance that’s All About You

We understand even a day’s worth of revenue is a big deal for your business and employees. When disasters happen, small-to-mid-sized businesses have the toughest time recovering, and many close after a loss has occurred without coverage.

isure provides the last line of defence against natural and man-made disruption to your business… maintenance and recovery as fast as possible. It’s not just the property and inventory loss (likely covered by other insurance policy coverage). isure’s Business Interruption Insurance covers your lost income and earnings and day-to-day operating expenses from an insured event resulting in an inability to perform as a business.

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isure Business Interruption Insurance means:

Fixed Expenses Insurance

Coverage of utilities, taxes and even employee wages.

Business Income insurance

Coverage of loss of revenue and earnings.

Key Employees

Extend coverage to continue paying key employees so you don't lose them while the business is being repaired
isure's Business Interruption Insurance options:
  1. Extra Expense Insurance

    Cover things like outsourcing work or a temporary move to another location.

  2. Payroll Expense Insurance
    Continues the ability to meet payroll needs despite business interruption.
  3. Non-Damage Business Interruption Insurance
    Coverage of the consequences of losses when there is no damage to the actual property.
  4. Contingent Properties Extensions
    Covers your business interruption based on the interruption of a customer or a supplier.