Corporate and Commercial BondsCorporate and Commercial Bonds

Why isure gives you Corporate and Commercial Bonds that’s All About You

In today’s expect-the-unexpected environment, some of your customers may require the guarantee of a corporate bond or a commercial bond. These are sometimes called surety bonds and help put the finishing touches on contracts. They are commonly applied in the construction business, when dealing across borders and with government entities.

With isure Corporate and Commercial Bonds, our brokers will provide a customized proposal for coverage whether you are a general contractor, project manager, supplier, manufacturer or exporter.

isure Corporate and Commercial Bonds means:

Bid Bonds

These guarantee that the winning bidder will enter into a valid contract and will provide the required performance security.

Court Bonds

These are required by the courts from persons who will administer the estate of persons who are unable to tend to their own affairs or who are deceased.

Performance Bonds

These are required to provide a financial assurance that the contractor will complete all the terms and conditions of the contract.

Labour and Material Bonds

These are required to provide a financial assurance that the contractor will pay parties who have worked on or supplied to a bonded contract.

Maintenance, Supply and Lien bonds

These are required so that the contractor will comply with the maintenance and upkeep provisions of a contract.

Licence and Permit Bonds

These are required by various government entities or licensing bodies to obtain a license to conduct a business.
isure's Corporate and Commercial Bonds options:
  1. Agreement to Prequalification/Bond Letters

    Commits to providing performance and payment bonds if the principal/contractor is awarded the contract.

  2. Custom Bonds for Unique Projects
    For those projects and situations with unique risks, timings and costs.