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Cottage and Trailer Insurance

Why isure gives you Cottage and Trailer Insurance that’s All About You

Cottage, RV’s, Vacation Home .. Sit back and relax, isure has you covered with Cottage Insurance that’s All About You!

In Canada, there is nothing like passing four true seasons of leisure, sports, and nature at our seasonal getaways. But depending on what part of the country you escape to, anything and everything can happen:  fire or lightning issues, bears and wildlife damage, explosions, damage from falling objects, snow and ice, smoke damage, water damage and leaks, windstorms and hail.

Regardless if you are at the cottage through the summer, the winter, or just weekends, isure can help you protect you when you’re there, and when you’re not.

Learn about which insurers are best for you:  isure Approved Insurers

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    isure Cottage and Trailer Insurance means:

    Cottage Insurance

    Protects seasonal cottages and your belongings with options for seasonal detached buildings

    Expanded Year-Round Coverage

    Gives extended protection for: year-round cottage/vacation dwellings, detached buildings as well as your belongings.

    Travel Trailer Coverage

    Whether you are a trailer newbie or a veteran full-timer taking all the amenities of home with you, you want to feel covered for your towable second home.

    isure’s Cottage and Trailer Insurance options:

    Replacement Value Coverage

    Depending on the contents of your vacation property, you may be able to replace an item without any deduction for depreciation.

    Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

    Your RV is more than just an automobile (think about it value, its belongings and its potential for damage) and it needs more than standard car insurance.

    Landscaping Insurance

    We mainly think about the inside of your vacation home but what about the outside? Protect your landscaping and garden paradise with specialized coverage.

    Personal Umbrella Coverage

    Protects you globally with liability insurance over and above your auto and home insurance policies if you’re sued for causing bodily injury or property damage, defamation of character, libel or slander.