Crime & Fidelity InsuranceCrime & Fidelity Insurance

Why isure gives you Crime & Fidelity Insurance that’s All About You

Forty percent of company losses come from theft. Employee dishonesty is costly and pervasive, with small businesses being particularly vulnerable to fraud and abuse. Maintaining strong, enforceable internal controls should be a priority for any entity, but controls on their own are not sufficient protection.

Although you likely don’t want to believe it when it actually happens, isure provides Crime & Fidelity Insurance coverage as a guard against a wide range of business exposures created by thieving employees including: employee dishonesty, forgery, fraud, robbery, destruction and disappearance of property, and even cyber crime.

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isure Crime & Fidelity Insurance means:

Coverage for Employee Theft of Client Property

Coverage for loss from acceptance of Unpaid Money Orders and Counterfeit Money

Coverage for loss from Forgery or alteration of covered instruments

Coverage for loss from illegal or fraudulent Claims Expenses

Coverage for Subsidiaries

Coverage for Employee Benefit Plans

isure's Crime & Fidelity Insurance options:
  1. Worldwide Coverage

    Coverage whether it happens in your province and country, or not.

  2. isure Cyber Insurance
    Coverage for loss from computer, information and privacy crime, electronic data restoration expense and electronic funds transfer fraud.
  3. Coverage for Third Party Crime
    Coverage for theft by your employees from your clients. Some businesses require this coverage to satisfy contractual obligations for their clients.
  4. Coverage for the cost of investigating and proving employee dishonesty
    The costs of investigating the crime and legal costs can become very expensive. This coverage helps set things straight.