Faster service, enabled by Digital Speed.

They say the average attention span of humans is now down to 8 seconds. Don’t get distracted, we’ll get to the answers you want quickly … with isure.

Auto Insurance Quotes Digital Speed

As people who are passionate about insurance, we hate to admit it, but many of you really don’t like to spend time thinking about insurance. That’s okay. We can accelerate things for people like you. At isure, we are committed to offer the quickest, customer-friendly service options aided by the best technologies available. Here’s how we’re offering friendly, smart insurance options at breakneck speed:

Digital Speed With Automated Personal Quotes

isure gets you right into our quoting engine by offering a 24/7 automated car insurance, home insurance, and home-based business insurance quotes.

Digital Speed With Commercial Options

isure gets you to your no-nonsense commercial quotes quickly by populating pre-estimate forms and providing click-to-chat help.

Digital Speed With Get isured

isure takes the hassle out of searching for insurance by automatically sending you coverage quotes one month in advance of your renewal through our opt-in “Get isured” feature, whether you are a current customer or not.

Digital Speed With Fast, Mobile Friendly Web Connection

isure has redefined its web operations for speed. Its web layout is set up for your desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly, get to the good stuff quick enquiries.

“There are no speed limits on the road to success.”

David Johnson