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Why isure gives you Home-Based Business Insurance that’s All About You

isure loves entrepreneurs and we know we all started somewhere with a dream … and a desk or two in our homes. As you chase your passion of launching the world’s newest/best-performing solution, make sure you feel like your dream is protected no matter what happens in the future.

Even if you have a part-time home business, you should consider home-based business insurance that makes sure you and your business property are covered. Our experienced brokers will help guide you on whether you are covered by your home insurance, require full-scale business insurance or land on our specialized Home-based Business Insurance. Heck, we still remember when isure was a small startup operation too.

isure’s Home-Based Business Insurance advice

Home-Based Business Insurance – Why you need it

Why do you need home-based business insurance? Just because your office is in your home, does not mean your home insurance policy has you covered.Many assume that losses would be covered under their existing home insurance but the fact is, most policies offer little to no coverage for business related loss. Whether you are a consultant, a yoga instructor, a tutor , a hairdresser , a photographer or a freelance writer or journalist, you should consider home-based business insurance.

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Top Home-Based Business Threats

Most entrepreneurs start their own businesses from the comfort of home. Not only does a home based business cut down on costs (rent/utilities/taxes), but it also gives you flexibility on when you work. The resulting hard work will pay off big time. That said, while you are working, you should try to anticipate and mitigate any possible problems.Failing to plan ahead is a recipe for disaster that could cripple your business. One of the top threats to home based businesses, is your digital security.

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isure Home-Based Business Insurance means:

Contents Insurance

Covers your high-value office equipment, business and inventory, whether in your house or off-premise.

Business Interruption Insurance

If anything were to happen to your business because of an insured loss, you would be covered for lost revenues or added costs to sustain the business during the interruption.

Professional Liability Insurance

Protects business for liability to clients, partners, delivery staff and employees.
isure's Home-Based Business Insurance options:
  1. Errors and Omissions Insurance

    Oftentimes in the services or consultancy business, clients require this type of insurance as part of your contract to cover financial loss leading from: breach of contract, defects, delivery delays, inaccuracies and mistakes.

  2. Product Liability Insurance
    In the event you actually produce a physical product, this insurance protects your business from liability resulting from your product's nonperformance.
  3. Malpractice Insurance
    Protects you from damages caused by a treatment that goes wrong in medical-, health- and beauty-related services.
  4. Auto Insurance Extension
    Even if you share the same car for personal and business, unless explicitly stated, the business-related equipment, tools and/or inventory may not be covered, let’s make sure it is.

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