Do you feel like a minnow when you have to deal with the big insurance sharks? Feel like a real person again with isure.

Insurers ranked dead last in a recent survey about customer experience, lagging behind even banks and government (Source: Insurance Networking). This is not good news for the industry as customers will chat three times more frequently with their friends and neighbors when unhappy with insurers than when they are satisfied (Source: isure 2015 survey). “Fairness in dealings” is the third biggest need people want from their insurers (Source: isure’s 2015 Survey). We know where the frustrations exist. These were ranked as the five biggest negatives in dealing with other insurers:

  1. The Search process – looking into best new insurance options can be confusing and time consuming.
  2. Customer Service – asking questions on current policies and what’s currently covered rarely provides fast easy answers.
  3. Incidents – processing claims/settling claims is slow, time-consuming and occasionally confrontational.
  4. Evaluation – assessing/getting different policy quotes is a bit of a “black box” and not easily comparable.
  5. Enquiries – getting additional information/education about new coverage/policies is impersonal, inconvenient and not terribly insightful.

At isure, we don’t think that’s right. We believe you should look forward to contacting us whenever you want and get a fast (or slow if you prefer), friendly answer.
Here’s how we’re trying to make insurance customers feel human again:

isure was one of the first insurance brokers in Canada to offer support beyond the confines of the 9-5 weekday workday. Let’s do business when you want to do business.
isure representatives will always provide a personal touch, never make you repeat your policy information over again and never trap you in some automated phone system. Only 21% of customer service operations ever mention you by name, we’re one of them because we like it that way!
isure will provide you’re the best access to registered insurance brokers who know their way around personal and commercial insurance. Talk, chat or email to real, dedicated and skilled people located right here in Canada.
isure has a 9-point guarantee that functions as our customer bill of rights pledging you our industry-leading expertise, access, honesty, privacy and respect.
isure is prepared to look a little zany, a little cheeky and have a good laugh in all our social media spaces. Let’s have a conversation in the living room or patio, not the stuffy boardroom.