isure = More Choices

isure = More Choices

Guaranteed more policy and service options than any other online insurance broker because we believe


Your insurance needs are unique, isure believes you should have more options.

Ice cream doesn’t just come in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate anymore. There used to be 3 flavours of Tropicana (pulp, some pulp, no pulp), now there are 73. There are more than 80,000+ ways to drink a Starbucks. Most of us now want things customized. We want things personalized. And we want to be the ones who choose. In fact, “freedom to choose” is the third biggest trend in insurance (Source: isure’s Reinventing Insurance Survey). isure believes you should be able to mix and match the best policies and options for your benefit. Think of us as your bespoke tailor for insurance. Here’s why we’re the leader in insurance choice:

More Choice Of Insurance Providers

isure works with 25+ certified insurers across a wide range of coverage areas to give you access to one of the largest selection of elite insurance company policies and options in Canada.

More Choice For Auto Insurance Quotes

isure will generate a minimum 10-results for auto insurance quotes, allowing us to provide the best coverage for the lowest price. We’ll not just give you what we believe is the best option; we’ll share you all the top quotes that came back.

More Choice For High Risk Drivers

isure is the leader in providing choice when it comes to high-risk drivers, bruised insurance recoverers, and jaded insurance purchasers. Where big insurance says “no”, we say “let’s see what we can do”.

More Choice In Ways To Connect With Isure

isure has 10+ ways to connect with our customers. Phone (including toll free), Claims Hotline, Web Chat, Email, Quoting Engines, Get isured, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, the What’s New blog area and now Instagram. Connect with us in whatever medium you are most comfortable.

More Choice In Advice

isure provides more customized advice for insurance shoppers than any other Canadian insurance broker. We’ve identified 10 common personal and 10 common commercial types of customers and are sharing our best profile specific advice for each while telling real stories of isure customers that fit those descriptions.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

Seth Godin