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Why isure gives you Telematics Insurance that’s All About You

Fast forward to your future with isure. Telematics has combined leading edge wireless communications and global positioning system (GPS) tracking technology that collects and analyzes data from moving motor vehicles.

Do you feel like a safe driver but it’s not showing up on your driver record? Are you an experienced or under 25 years old driver and feels like you might be unfairly discriminated against? Perhaps you are one of the best drivers you know and believe there should be extra savings.

As the cost of technology has now dropped, isure Telematics may be your proof and an innovative auto insurance extension that saves you money and gives you helpful personalized feedback.

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isure Telematics Insurance means:

Operational Benefits

The isure telematics device can improve: fuel efficiency, routing, logistics, preventative vehicle maintenance and stolen vehicle recovery.

Added Safety Benefits

Telematics-driven, regular safety performance scorecards, emergency response to get to an accident scene faster and reduction in frequency and severity of accidents.


Why have good drivers subsidize the poor ones - let’s save you money by combining your individual real driver performance with traditional claims, automobile usage and driver record history.
isure's Telematics Insurance options:
  1. Privacy Guarantee

    We’ll stick to our isure guarantee that we will only use our telematics to tracks things like: your speed, distance, driving time, braking, acceleration, turning and cornering habits – no Big Brother here.

  2. Bruised Insurance Driver Recovery
    Another option that makes isure the #1 choice for drivers who need insurance, but can’t get insurance easily.
  3. Family with a Newly Licenced Teen Driver
    Telematics gives your new teen driver feedback on how they are driving the way they like to see it… online. Reinforce good driving habits when they are new drivers and they will benefit for life.