Glass Protection Plan

isure’s Vehicle Glass Protection Plan


isure’s vehicle glass protection plan  is just way better than your insurance glass coverage!

It’s a beautiful sunny day. You’re driving your regular route to work at the height of Canada’s construction season and you’re stuck behind a gravel truck. You’re cruising along oblivious to the horror that awaits.

Out of nowhere, interrupting you while you belt out Summer of ’69, THWACK!
The sound sends shivers up your spine. Sure enough, right dead center of your windshield is a crack!

Thankfully Bryan Adams drowns out the next few words you expel. Having been down this road before, you know you’re in for a hefty bill, somewhere between $500-1200 and even though you have glass coverage through your car insurance policy your comprehensive deductible is more than $500 and you have to waste your valuable time going through the insurance claim process!

Windshields crack for many reasons; temperature changes (thanks Canada!), pressure changes, driving on gravel roads, driving behind construction vehicles, exposure to the sun, poor manufacturing and extreme cold.

1 in 3 Ontario drivers has had to repair or replace their windshield in the past 2 years

Of course, not every crack requires a windshield replacement but even those small repairs can add up, only to crack again later and lead to a full replacement. The issue is a common one as 1 in 3 Ontario drivers has had to repair or replace their windshield in the past 2 years.

Now you can protect yourself from the unwanted and unpredictable cost of windshield repairs and replacement.

isure now offers a special service where for less than the cost of 1 windshield repair annually, you are covered for unlimited repairs and one full replacement. Having to replace your windshield just once would equal 10 years of isure’s glass service! Also notable is the service requires no claim and has no deductible.


For more information or to take advantage of isure’s glass protection plan  contact isure  or simply fill out the below form and wait for one of our representatives to call you within 24 hours.

isure’s Glass Protection Plan ; another isure innovation!

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