Travel Insurance Coverage

New innovative product from isure: Travel Insurance Coverage


So you’re going  on a well-deserved vacation. That’s great! Let’s go through a few things to make sure you pack everything you need :

Passport? Check.

Sunscreen? Check.

Travel insurance Coverage? Um…

For some travelers, travel insurance isn’t a high priority on their vacation checklist. But many unexpected things can occur when you’re travelling that can turn your trip upside down. Travel insurance protects you from unforeseen circumstances that can affect your trip. That’s why we’re excited to announce that isure is partnering with Orion Travel Insurance, a CAA company, to launch our innovative travel insurance coverage.

How does travel insurance cover me?

Travel insurance is great because it protects you if your baggage is lost, missing personal items, lost documents or an unforeseen medical emergency that results in you paying more out of pocket. Other options include trip cancellation or interruption, renting a vehicle, and lost or stolen baggage or documents.

If you’re in the midst of planning your next trip, here are some reasons you may want to consider travel insurance.

Frequent Flyers

If you’re a frequent traveler (taking several vacations or business trips a year), then you probably already know about travel insurance. The best travel insurance for you includes covering for unforeseen medical emergencies, family transportation, and medical repatriation, among other coverage.

Students and recent grads

Many students and recent graduates take the opportunity to travel and explore the world (ever heard of Spring Break?). There is a misconception that travel insurance is only beneficial for seniors or those with chronic health problems. This simply isn’t true. Lots of things can happen to students and graduates when travelling, like lost or stolen documents, which can ruin their trip. That’s why travel insurance is essential for students and graduates travelling for a week or more or on exchange with a student visa.

Snowbirds and 65+

Many retirees and empty nesters enjoy travelling down south to escape during winter. While we are all for getting a little sunshine, if you’re away from Canada for an extended period of time or have various health conditions, then you will definitely need travel insurance. It protects you if you have a sudden medical accident, death in your family, or disaster in your home that forces your trip to be cut short. Travel insurance will pay for your trip home and back. Also make sure to notify your insurer when you are away from your house for prolonged periods of time.

Check out our website for more information on all of your travel insurance needs. And with isure’s perfect customized travel insurance coverage, we hope you have a safe and pleasant trip!




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