Travelers (Formerly Dominion of Canada General Ins Co)
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Earning the Trust of Canadians
Since 1887, The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company (The Dominion) has been an integral part of Canadian history. Under its’ first president, Sir John A. Macdonald, The Dominion formed a vision that would guides its’ growth. This vision is characterized by:

Integrity in all business dealings
Products driven by the needs of the customer
Outstanding claims service
Dedication to excellence
Today, still Canadian owned, The Dominion is one of Canada’s largest property and casualty insurance companies, committed to providing high quality home, automobile, and business insurance products and services.

At the heart of The Dominion’s success is their focus on policyholders, demonstrated through professional independent advice, fast and efficient service, flexible products and, in the event that you unfortunately have a claim, quick, fair settlements. This approach has earned The Dominion the trust and respect of policyholders across Canada.

Superior Products and Services
The Dominion insures Canadians’ homes, automobiles, recreational vehicles, businesses and other assets against loss. They offer an impressive range of products provide coverage for the many risks that Canadians face each day.

The Dominion’s range of products is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of any individual or business. Distinctive policies provide the best combination of coverage and services at competitive rates for Canadian consumers and businesses.

Focusing on the Policyholder
The Dominion knows Canadians value the professional advice and assistance of the independent insurance broker.

The Dominion provides comprehensive products and services that more than measure up to those of competitors in terms of coverage and, above all, superior claims service.

The company offers a variety of easy payment plans and a range of premium savings options for those who qualify.

The Dominion frequently asks policyholders what they think of their service quality in order to ensure that they continue to meet policyholders’ expectations.

A Canadian Heritage
The Past: A history of excellence
The history of The Dominion parallels that of Canada itself. The first wholly Canadian casualty insurance organization, the company was founded in 1887 when former Canadian Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald was hopeful that a transcontinental economy based on an east-west axis would one day stretch across the country. Believing that the new insurance company would serve Canada’s best interests, he agreed to become the company’s first President. Sir John A. was right about the development of a transcontinental economy in Canada. It began to flourish, and along with it, The Dominion began stretching across the country to satisfy market demand.

Today: Over 100 years old and still growing
With an established record of financial stability and superior service, The Dominion has become one of Canada’s largest property and casualty insurance companies, and remain 100% Canadian-owned. The company operates in seven provinces and the territories, providing personal and commercial insurance products to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. The Dominion offers insurance products exclusively through a network of independent brokers. They remain committed to developing innovative market-leading insurance products and services that keep The Dominion at the forefront of the industry.

Tomorrow: A future of innovation
From the President down, The Dominion tends to “push the marketplace” and influence the industry with new products and innovative services aimed at satisfying changing policyholder needs and strengthening broker relationships.

Community Outreach
The Dominion is involved in a number of community initiatives. Donating at least 1% of pre-tax net income, averaged over three years, to charitable organizations, and they are proud significant sponsors of such groups as the Canadian Paraplegic Association. The Dominion believes it is their responsibility to give back to the communities in which they do business. While committed to our communities, The Dominion recognizes it’s the busy people in our neighbourhoods, giving their time and money, who really deserve the recognition. That’s why they give their staff opportunities to get involved in community events to “Make a difference!” in the communities where we live.

Travelers (Dominion of Canada General Ins Co) offers its products and services through independent insurance brokers. Brokers are the consumers’ only option for INDEPENDENCE and CHOICE. Insurance brokerages are independently owned, offering insurance policies through insurance companies with whom they are contracted. Many brokerages offer clients a choice of multiple insurance companies. All insurance brokers are licenced through the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario

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The Bottom Line - No single insurance company is best for all drivers, everywhere in the province, all the time. Independent choice is your best ally when shopping for insurance.

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Commonly referred to a "Quarters"; Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 refer to parts of the calendar year:
Q1 = January to March
Q2 = April to June
Q3 = July to September
Q4 = October to December

For example - Q1 premium increase of 5%, represents an insurer's average approved premium increase between Jan and March of the given year. These approved premiums would typically be effective within the "Quarter" (Q1 - Jan to March), and would apply to all business (new business and renewals) going forward from the approved rate's effective date. So, any policy renewing, or a new account written later in the year (i.e. July) would be subject to the premiums approved earlier in the year. Data is courtesy of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.This chart represents a cross section of the larger insurance carriers in Ontario. (through its parent company Belpac Capri insurance brokers ltd.) represents a selected number of insurers included in the list of insurance companies provided.The amount shown are percentage changes in the each carrier's average rate as approved by The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).Rate differences will vary depending on individual rating characteristics (i.e. location, vehicles, use of vehicle, driving record etc.). For example, the rate driver may experience a larger increase in one territory, but when quoted in another area of the province, that same driver and auto may not have an increase at all in fact some may even have a decrease.