Spring Car Maintenance

Spring Car Maintenance Tips


Rejoice fellow Canadians as the warmer weather is starting to make an appearance. The birds are out and the flowers are starting to bloom. After winter, it’s always wonderful when spring weather starts to show its face. It’s also a perfect time to do a little spring car maintenance. Winter is the hardest season on our cars. Cold weather, snow, ice, and road salt all work against your vehicle’s health. Take some time in April or May to do some of these Spring car maintenance tips!

Spring Car Maintenance

Replace your Wipes

Winter can be very difficult on the hinges of your windshield wipers. The constant hot and cold that wipers experience means they wear out quickly. Inspect your carefully, even if they seem to work well, they may be ‘holding on’. If you believe they still have some life in them, put a couple new wipers in your trunk just in case.

Do a Thorough Interior Clean

Your mats have protected the floor of your car from salt and ice, but your interiors are affected by winter. Clean everything very carefully. Start from the top and work your way down. Clean the interior windows, the dash and your wheel. Then do a deep vacuum with a strong shop-vac on the ground, seats and trunk. You should also wash off and dry your mats to get them ready for the warmer seasons.

Do a Thorough Exterior Clean

Naturally, you should be giving your car an exterior clean. But don’t hit up a car wash and consider it done. Instead, spend the time needed to clean every aspect of the car’s exterior. Clean your hubcaps, get in the door jam, and other hard to reach places. Those neglected areas can degrade.

Do an Oil Change

Spring maintenance is one of the best times to do an oil change. Your motor has worked hard over the winter, so giving it a new supply of oil will make a world of difference.

Top up your Washer Fluid

You likely used a lot of washer fluid in the last few months, so spring is a good time to add more. Washer fluid is something we often forget until we need it!

Check Your Filters

Your car has a variety of air filters that keep performance running smoothly. When was the last time you took a close look at them? For many car owners, they haven’t ever checked their filters and it may be impacting their car performance. Grab your car manual and see where your filters have, and give them an inspection!

Inspect Your Belt

In cold weather, your rubber engine belts degrade quickly. Regular inspection can help protect you from future troubles. If it looks to be in bad shape, showing signs of damage or major wear – it’s time to replace it.

Give your Car a Wax

What better way to celebrate the warmer weather than to polish up your cleaned car? A good turtle wax isn’t only about making it shine. In fact, a lot like how a cast iron pan benefits from regular oiling, a car with turtle wax gets a layer of protection. Things like bugs, rain and debris come off far easier if your car has been recently waxed.

Get Your Brakes Inspected

Never take a risk with your breaks! Have them inspected soon into spring. A good time to get them inspected is when you change your tires from Winter to All Seasons. It’s one of the most spring car maintenance tips that can also apply year-round.

Change Your Tires

Get your all-season tires on! Your winter tires are only effective on the road during the cold, icy months of Winter. Switch over to a quality all-season tire that will help you drive better on dry and rainy roads.

Repair your Windshield

If you notice any damage on your windshield or other window, repair it. Don’t wait for a problem to get worse! A simple home repair kit may not be the most beautiful option, but it will be more cost effective than repairing the entire glass pane!

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