Dario Battista

My iStory

In insurance since completing an MBA at Schullich in 1993 Built this business one client at a time…from single auto policies to the large national commercial clients.

My Human Side

  • My Big Interests: Love building a business and taking on the big insurance guys.
  • The Personal Factoid: Love Music, Concerts, Photography and Travel.
  • The Fun Thing: I'm a Drummer!
  • Favourite Colour: Blue

My isure 411

  • The Professional Must-Have: In this gig since 1993. Built the business one client at a time...from a small auto policy insurer to servicing large national commercial clients.
  • Why You're an isure Believer: For me from day one in this industry, it has always been about the customer. Without the customer we have no business. Everything we look at is from the customer’s perspective. I have learned over my 20 plus years in insurance yet not many in this business get that.
  • The Insurance Industry 3 Years from Now: Our insurance company partners getting on board with our customer centric view of insurance... I think some of them are beginning to get it.
  • If I wasn’t working for isure I’d be: That’s easy... Rock Star – Drummer!