Marisa Carabetta

My iStory

I accidentally started in the insurance business 43 years ago since I needed a job at the time & I was hired by an insurance broker to answer the phones & eventually learn the insurance business. I have been doing insurance since that date since I love this business and I find that there is always something new to learn

My Human Side

  • My Big Interests:  I love to travel and enjoy walking especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. l also enjoy spending time with my family & friends
  • The Personal Factoid: I grew up on Montreal where I completed my schooling & then moved to Toronto in 1966 after I got married.
  • The Fun Thing:  I love to bake, mostly cookies & muffins and also reading.
  • Favourite Colour: Green

My isure 411

  • The Professional Must-Have: 
  • Why You're an isure Believer: I believe "Insurance About You" sort of explains how we work- we try to find out from our clients what their needs are & then try to get them the best rates & coverage from our companies to fit their needs
  • The Insurance Industry 3 Years from Now:  I would like to see more flexibility with insurance companies & also it would be nice if the insurance product was simpler for clients to understand
  • If I wasn’t working for isure I’d be:  I might be working in a nursing home or child care centre.