Toni Gironda

My iStory

Grew up in Toronto. Fell into insurance when I walked into my broker’s office in the 90’s to pay for my renewal, asked him if he needed anyone. Got my RIBO licence, and there my insurance career began. The core of my job is customer service. Some people call me “toners”. Previous jobs include: waitress, pharmacy assistant and secretary.

My Human Side

  • My Big Interests: Very interested in the elderly. One of our family members is in a nursing home and I love to chat with as many people there as possible. They are sometimes neglected and they love friendship and conversation as do I.
  • The Personal Factoid: Enjoy yoga, bowling and mob documentaries.
  • The Fun Thing: Binge watching - House of Cards, True Detective and The Knick
  • Favourite Colour: Green

My isure 411

  • The Professional Must-Have: I’ve been in customer service and new business retention since 1996. Happy to say for the same brokerage - isure.
  • Why You're an isure Believer: My main goal each and every day is to make each customer feel important and not an interruption of my day. I am blessed as I get great feedback from clients and that energizes and motivates me to do even better. I feel service is lacking everywhere. I strive to be that person that they tell their family and friends about. Also in my job, I have an opportunity sometimes to mentor the younger staff. Enjoy that immensely.
  • The Insurance Industry 3 Years from Now: Affordable insurance for all. A more streamlined process of new business and policy changes. More rewards for loyal clients.
  • If I wasn’t working for isure I’d be: Activity director in nursing home.