Home Based Business Threats

Top Home Based Business Threats


Most entrepreneurs start their own businesses from the comfort of home. Not only does a home based business cut down on costs (rent/utilities/taxes), but it also gives you flexibility on when you work. The resulting hard work will pay off big time. That said, while you are working, you should try to anticipate and mitigate any possible problems. Failing to plan ahead is a recipe for disaster that could cripple your business. Here are the top home based business threats!

Home Based Business Threats: Digital Security

One of the top threats to home based businesses, is your digital security. With the amount of cyber-theft increasing, small businesses are especially vulnerable to digital hackers. Whether it’s your database of clients, payment information or private data, most small businesses have a responsibility to keep their clients’ information protected. To mitigate this threat, invest in a business level internet router. Consumer routers are not designed with security in mind. Secondly, ensure your computers are protected with a firewall, anti-virus and internet security products such as Kaspersky. Third, look into encrypting your most sensitive of information on your computer with a service like Folder Lock, which is trusted by government and even military to keep data secure.

Home Based Business Threats: Lawsuits

Did you know that many home insurance policies do not cover you for business related issues? It’s why home based business insurance is absolutely crucial! In event of a fall, property damage, or other situation where you might be liable, home based business insurance provides you with an added layer of protection. We highly recommend you get a quote from us today so you can have peace of mind. For some additional information on why you might need home based business insurance, read this post.

Home Based Business Threats: Robbery

One of the most common ways a home based business finds itself in trouble is robbery. It is again, an important reason to have home based business insurance as your home policy may not cover your business. In addition to insurance, consider upgrading your homes security. Today, home security products are affordable, offer great features and have no/low monthly fees. Invest in a couple high quality home security cameras to watch the front and back of your property. You should also look at smart door and window sensors, which will alert you on your phone, email or tablet in event of a breach. Lastly, consider storing easily stolen items that are vital to your business (such as laptops, smartphones and documents) in a locking safety box.

A home based business is a great way to take control of your career. In the same breath, it is crucial to consider the threats that could interrupt your business and take steps to mitigate them. Protecting yourself through digital security, home based business insurance, and home security products are a great place to start.


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