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As the biggest city in Canada and the fourth most populated city in North America, Toronto is still vastly growing as more families and business people are moving to the city to raise their children or further their careers. Unlike auto insurance in Toronto, having home insurance isn’t legally required, but it is highly essential when you live in a major city. Your home in Toronto protects your family and gives you shelter; it’s important to make sure you are protecting your home as well!

If this is your first time pursuing home insurance, looking for a new home insurer, or better home insurance coverage, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. You have to research what each home insurance policy covers in Toronto, how much you want to spend, and how to actually buy a policy.

Toronto Home Hazards

Toronto residents annually experience the tumultuous weather fluctuations of all four Canadian seasons. Because the weather in this region is unpredictable, you will need the right insurance coverage. What does the weather have to do with insurance? Well, let us tell you. Here at isure, we’ll ensure your policy is suitable for your needs in the event of accidents, damages, bad weather, or personal injury. 

There are several hazards your home may experience. Severe weather conditions are expected to increase in severity and frequency over the next few years. Extreme cold is highly problematic because winter storms and heavy snowfalls can create hazardous conditions, including frozen pipes. This severe concern can leave you with no water, as pipes can burst, leading to property water damage and costly repairs.  

The right insurance policy will cover you in these circumstances so that you and your belongings will be protected during extreme weather conditions. With the right insurance plan for Toronto home hazards, you will not have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for damage caused by extremely cold temperatures and frozen pipes. 


Flooding is another Toronto home hazard you and your family may experience due to rainstorms. This flooding can cause your sewer to back up, and your basement can flood. Private properties can become seriously damaged, so you will need the right coverage. We will make professional recommendations to help you make informed decisions because we genuinely care about our clients and will put your mind at ease.  

Fires and explosions 

Fires and explosions can cause extensive damage to your home. Smoke is also highly dangerous, and these hazards can cause further damage to your home, as well as long-term physiological harm. You must protect your home and family members in the event of a fire, which is where isure steps in. 

Toronto home hazard insurance 

You can rely on our team for all your insurance needs. We understand the issues Toronto residents must deal with and are familiar with the hazards specific to this city.  

The isure Home Insurance Advantage

At isure, we know how many countless hours you have worked to save up enough money to buy a house in Toronto, and it’s our mission to help you get the most comprehensive and affordable home insurance policy.

When you call isure, you will be placed with a personal home insurance broker who will go through your insurance needs for your home or can help improve your current coverage and discover new discounts.

Your professional Toronto home insurance broker from isure will provide you with fast and competitive home insurance quotes and will go over them with you to ensure you aren’t surprised by any fine print. Let us focus on finding the best Toronto home insurance coverage so you have the peace of mind to focus on other things. We will contact over 25 of the largest certified insurers in Toronto for the best quotes available.

Why Trust isure as your
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Control Your Home Insurance Policy

When you work with isure, you can quickly register, change and manage your policy.

More Savings

With all of our isure approved insurers, we can offer some of the best discounts compared to other online insurance brokers and more discounts than any direct insurance company. Your personal isure home insurance broker has the ability to get further savings for you without sacrificing any coverage! We can also educate you on safeguards that will reduce your premiums.

Attention and Insight

Your friendly isure home insurance broker in Toronto will always provide trustworthy, knowledgeable, and transparent advice. They will objectively go through each quote and let you know what will be covered in detail.

Personalized Attention

We will always be there for you when you need us the most. We offer phone, email and online chat for your convenience. Your insurance broker will also preemptively call you if disaster strikes in your area to ensure that you and your family are OK.

Responsive Claims

Did a tree fall through your roof during a heavy storm? Was your house broken into while you were on vacation? Don’t worry, that’s what home insurance is for! At isure, our claims response is open 24/7/365! When you call us, we will get your claim moving immediately!

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