UberX Driver InsuranceUberX Driver Insurance

Why isure gives you UberX Driver Insurance that’s All About You

Insurance for Ride Sharing services has been a contentious issue. isure is introducing an industry leading coverage to make it easy for drivers to cover themselves and their passengers.

Do you feel like you’re a safe driver that wants to earn some extra income in your spare time while providing a valuable service to consumers? Do you feel that regulation and insurance has made this difficult for you?

We understand that the world is changing rapidly and innovative new services need innovative insurance to cover your needs seamlessly.

isure UberX Driver Insurance means:

Legitimizes your Service

You can now tell your passengers that you have their ride covered. There is no question of coverage, no grey areas, just peace of mind

Added Safety Benefits

Only good drivers qualify for this coverage. Having UberX insurance with isure means your passengers can trust you as a safe driver. It’s a stamp of approval.

Responsive Claims Service

Claims service that is 24/7 and trained to deal with UberX claims. If you’re in a pinch, we’ll be there for you.
isure's UberX Driver Insurance options:
  1. Add on coverage to your own insurance

    Ride Sharing coverage can be simply added to your own personal auto insurance policy. Easy!

  2. Easy to understand pricing options
    Are you driving under 10 hours per week or 20 hours per week? Pricing is based on the number of hours you are logged into Uber as well as your driving record and location.
  3. Coverage for every stage of your ride
    You are covered from the time you logon, to when you accept a trip, to when you are driving the passenger to their destination. There are no gaps.