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“If you’re a cottage/vacation home owner whose house remains vacant for more than a month, your insurance company can deny coverage for any losses such as fire or water damage.”

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Upwardly Mobile Insurance

If you have a cottage or a property that you use seasonally, you will need insurance, and the experts at isure will make sure you choose the right coverage.

You will be able to choose between broad and basic coverage, and our brokers will help you make an informed decision so that you have peace of mind knowing your seasonal property is protected. Broad coverage would provide you with extended protection for detached buildings, a cottage and your belongings, and you would be covered year-round. Basic coverage, on the other hand, would provide you with protection for seasonal cottages and your belongings.

Our insurance brokers are knowledgeable, so we will go over these options in detail to help you select the type of coverage that is most suitable for your needs. We will help you make an informed decision and will make sure the process is smooth and stress-free. Our brokers are friendly and experienced, so you can feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands. We will answer all of your questions and will address every one of your concerns so that you choose the best insurance coverage and pay fair rates.

Seasonal insurance can sometimes be different from a standard home insurance policy, so it’s always recommended that you speak to a professional insurance broker as they will be able to clarify this information. You will have options, and our team will go over each and every possibility so that you find the coverage that best suits your needs.

Whether you have a cottage, lake house or cabin, we can help because we understand the importance of this property and its meaning to you and your family. Our brokers will provide you with the right seasonal property insurance coverage for your secondary or vacation home, so contact us today for a quote!

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