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Benefits of bundling your home and auto insurance in Ontario

The easiest way to save on your insurance costs is to bundle your home and auto policies! When you bundle your home and auto insurance, you will only deal with one point of contact when you need to make a claim or if you have a question about either policy. It also makes it simple to update each policy at the end of the year or if you decide to move.

If you need to make a claim on your home and vehicle at the same time, you will most likely only have to apply one deductible.

Bundle your home and auto insurance to save up to 15%

Types of Bundling

Bundling insurance policies isn’t only for where you live (house, condo, apartment) and your car.
You can also bundle the following:

Car + Car

Home + Car

Car + Home + Motorcycle

Picking the right policy for your needs

At isure, we have access to many different insurance companies across Ontario. Your dedicated insurance broker can find you the best policy and package that will suit your home and auto insurance needs.

Insurance companies will offer different packages and discounts, which can be very time consuming if you look for a bundle by yourself. With isure by your side, we go through all of our isure-approved insurers to find the best bundles available at the lowest rates.

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What is bundled insurance?

When you bundle your insurance, you will have multiple insurance policies with the same company. A typical bundle will combine home and auto insurance, but you can also bundle other vehicles and buildings, like your motorcycle with your RV or cottage. Some limitations may apply. Speak to an isure broker to get your best bundle options.

Why should I bundle my insurance?

There are so many advantages to bundling your insurance! Some of the advantages include:

1. When you bundle your insurance coverage, you will, Most times, you will receive a discount!

2. Your policy may be under one bill, which can be convenient for payment.

3. You only have to deal with one company if you need to make a claim – bonus!

What type of discounts can I receive if I bundle?

You can save more money if you bundle multiple insurance policies with the same insurance company. For instance, if you’re already purchasing auto insurance, you can get extra protection and save money with home or renters insurance, or even cottage insurance. Contact your local isure broker today to learn about ways you can bundle and save.

What is the difference between dual, multi-policy and multi-vehicle discounts?

The type of insurance discount(s) you receive depends on your combination of policies. Dual\Multi-line\Combined policy discounts apply when two different lines of business are bound with the same company (typically home and auto.)

Multi-vehicle discounts apply when there are two or more vehicles on the same policy OR if there are two auto policies in the same household (even if there are differently-named insureds) with the same company. Depending on the insurer rules, each auto policy could qualify for a multi-vehicle discount and this would not be considered a multi-line percentage. Multi-vehicle discounts are usually capped at 10%, but you must speak with an isure broker today to understand the rules of each company.

Is it cheaper to bundle my auto insurance with a home insurance policy?

Yes, you may save more money on auto insurance by bundling it with another policy. Sometimes, you may save even more if you bundle your policies all at the same time. The amount of the discount will be dependent upon your coverage needs. Some customers may save hundreds!

Request a property quote, even if you do not own a property!

This may not be something the average broker will tell you, but even if you do not own a home or condo, you might still qualify for the multi-line insurance discount with a tenants’ policy if you are renting. Tenant’s insurance is fairly affordable and in addition to the benefits of having coverage, you would also begin to build your insurance history, especially if you have just moved out on your own. This will assist you in securing cheaper home or condo insurance when you are ready to purchase that type of policy in the future. Additionally, you would receive much better rates having property insurance history, as tenants versus having none at all.

Remember, It doesn’t hurt to get a quote; you have nothing to lose and money to gain!

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