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Windsor is a fairly small city compared to other cities in Ontario, but it is jam packed with great people and fun attractions. Windsor is home to the Capitol Theatre, Caesars Windsor (nightclub and casino), Coventry Gardens, and Adventure Bay Water Park, just to name a few. It is also a border city to the States and all it takes is a 10-minute drive to get to Detroit. With so many things to do, you are sure to find a neighbourhood in Windsor that will suit your lifestyle.

If this is your first time pursuing home insurance, looking for a new home insurer, or better home insurance coverage, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. You have to research what each home insurance policy covers in Windsor, how much you want to spend, and how to actually buy a policy.

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What is the average cost of
home insurance in Windsor?

As a rough estimate, homeowners in Windsor might anticipate annual premiums ranging from $700 to $2,000 in 2024. However, this is just an estimate, and your actual home insurance costs may vary based on your unique circumstances and the specific policies you opt for. Get help from a home insurance broker, such as isure. We can help you get an ideal home insurance policy customized to your needs, from our list of isure-approved insurers.

Windsor Home Insurance Advantage

The isure Home Insurance Advantage

At isure, we know how many countless hours you and your partner have worked to save up enough money to buy a house in Windsor, and it’s our mission to help you get the most comprehensive and affordable home insurance policy.

Your professional Windsor home insurance broker from isure will provide you with quick and comprehensive home insurance quotes and will go over them with you to ensure you aren’t surprised by any fine print. Gain peace of mind knowing that we focus all of our energy on finding the best Windsor home insurance coverage. We will contact over 25 of the largest certified insurers in Windsor for the best quotes available.

When you call isure, you will be placed with a personal home insurance broker who will go through your insurance needs for your home or can help improve your current coverage and discover new discounts.

What does Home Insurance cover in Windsor?

Personal Dwelling

Home insurance in Windsor safeguards your dwelling, encompassing your home and ancillary structures, like garages, sheds, and decks. Coverage extends to perils such as fires, wind damage, theft, and lightning strikes, ensuring comprehensive protection for your property against a range of potential risks and hazards.

Personal Liability

Windsor home insurance includes Personal Liability coverage, which aids in situations where individuals are injured on your property, like slip and fall accidents. It also extends to cover third-party property damage incurred on your premises, assisting with legal, medical, and repair expenses, offering financial protection and peace of mind.

Personal Belongings

Home insurance in Windsor provides coverage for personal belongings within your home, safeguarding items like electronics, furniture, decor, home accessories, clothing, and more. This comprehensive protection extends to cover replacement costs in the event of damage or loss.

Additional Expenses

Windsor Home Insurance includes Additional Expenses coverage, addressing costs if your home becomes uninhabitable. This provision assists with expenses for temporary housing, like hotel stays, food, and storage, ensuring financial support during displacement.

What are additional coverages that you can add to your Windsor Home Insurance Policy?

Home Business Coverage

Home-Based Business Insurance is essential for those operating businesses from home, offering added protection beyond the standard home insurance coverage. It safeguards against damages related to your home business, covering incidents like customer injuries on your property or damage to business inventory or equipment.

Sewer Backup Coverage

Optional sewer backup coverage for your Windsor home insurance policy shields against water damage caused by blocked pipes, sewage, or wastewater backups. This coverage ensures financial protection for repairs and restoration in the event of such incidents.

Equipment Breakdown coverage

Optional equipment breakdown coverage for your home insurance policy protects against damages to household equipment, like dishwashers, dryers, and AC units. It addresses internal failures, not wear-and-tear, providing financial assistance for repair or replacement.

Overland Water Coverage

Water Overland Coverage for your Windsor home insurance policy safeguards against water damage caused by floods, including overflow from nearby lakes, rivers, or heavy rain. This coverage provides financial protection for repairs and restoration in such events, offering comprehensive coverage for flood-related damages to your home.

What Factors Affect Home Insurance In Windsor?

Several factors can impact the price of home insurance for your Windsor property:

1. Location

The neighborhood’s attributes related to insurance, including crime rates, past insurance claims, and vulnerability to natural disasters, can significantly affect insurance premiums. Additionally, how close it is to fire hydrants, stations, and other emergency services may play a role.

2. Property value

The value of your home and its contents is crucial in determining insurance costs.

3. Home security

Installing security systems such as alarms and deadbolts, can reduce the risk of theft or damage, therefore lowering insurance premiums.

4. Renovations

Certain home renovations and additions can affect insurance premiums positively or negatively. Get in contact with your insurer to learn more about how your next home project can affect your insurance costs. 

5. Home Characteristics

Factors such as the age, size, condition, and the replacement cost for the home in case it is lost in a disaster.

6. Claims history

Your history of insurance claims can impact premiums. High-risk homeowners with multiple insurance claims under will likely have to pay higher premiums.

7. Credit score

Insurers may take your credit score into account when determining premiums, with higher scores potentially leading to lower insurance rates.

8. Deductible

Choosing a higher deductible, which is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance policy kicks in in the event of an accident, can help lower premiums.

Why Trust isure as your Windsor Home Insurance Broker?

Personalized Attention

We will always be there for you when you need us the most. We offer phone, email, and online chat for your convenience. Your insurance broker will also preemptively call you if disaster strikes in your area to ensure that you and your family are OK.

Responsive Claims

Did a tree fall through your roof during a heavy storm? Was your house broken into while you were on vacation? Don’t worry, that’s what home insurance is for! At isure, our claims response is open 24/7/365! When you call us, we will get your claim moving immediately!

More Savings

With all of our isure approved insurers, we can offer some of the best discounts compared to other online insurance brokers and more discounts than any direct insurance company. Your personal isure home insurance broker has the ability to get further savings for you without sacrificing any coverage! We can also educate you on safeguards that will reduce your premiums.

Attention and Insight

Your friendly isure home insurance broker in Windsor will always provide trustworthy, knowledgeable, and transparent advice. They will objectively go through each quote and let you know what will be covered in detail.

Control Your Home Insurance Policy

When you work with isure, you can quickly register, change, and manage your policy.

Get the leading insurance policies with the best personalized options you deserve.

Not sure where and how to start?

isure experts are here to HELP you with your Owen Sound Home Insurance


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