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As the biggest city in Canada and the fourth most populated city in North America, Toronto is still vastly growing, attracting more families and people seeking to buy homes and invest in homeowner insurance as they settle to raise their children or further their careers. Unlike auto insurance in Toronto, having home insurance isn’t legally required, but it is highly essential when you live in a major city. Your home in Toronto protects your family and gives you shelter; it’s important to make sure you are protecting your home as well!

If this is your first time pursuing homeowner insurance, looking for a new home insurer, or better home insurance coverage, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. You have to research what each home insurance policy covers in Toronto, how much you want to spend, and how to actually buy a policy.

What does Toronto Home Insurance Cover

What Does Toronto Home Insurance Cover?

As a Toronto homeowner, your property is likely your most valuable financial asset. To safeguard this major investment, having adequate home insurance tailored to Toronto’s unique risks is essential. As your experienced local advisors, we want to provide detailed information on what home insurance typically covers, and where you may need additional protection in the Toronto market. This allows us to guide you in choosing policies customized to your property’s specific exposures.

What’s Usually Covered?

A standard comprehensive home insurance policy available in Toronto provides protection for damage caused by most common perils. This includes risks, such as fire, smoke, lightning, theft, vandalism from riots, fallen trees from windstorms, hail, frozen pipes bursting and snow load collapse. Electrical surge damage, broken glass and explosions are also typically covered.

Comprehensive policies offer broad protection against unforeseen disasters not specifically excluded in the policy itself. More limited named perils or basic policies only cover damage from specific listed events.

What is the average cost of home insurance in Toronto?

Estimating the average cost of home insurance in Toronto can be difficult due to factors like neighbourhood, property value, and deductibles involved when calculating it with different insurance providers. This includes the size and value of your home, the neighbourhood, postal code, the age and condition of the property, the amount of coverage you choose, any discounts that you have applied, and even your credit score. However, as a rough estimate, 2024 homeowners in Toronto might expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,000 annually for home insurance coverage. This is just a general estimate, and your actual premiums may be higher or lower depending on individual circumstances and the policies that you have chosen. With the help of a home insurance broker (like isure), we can help in getting you the best home insurance policy that suits your needs from our collection of trusted partner insurance providers with strong endorsements.

What are the different types of Home Insurance in Toronto?

Comprehensive Home Insurance

Comprehensive Home Insurance offers extensive coverage for your property, land, and belongings against a wide range of perils. Though costly, it ensures maximum protection and peace of mind, safeguarding your home from various potential damages and losses.

Broad Form Home Insurance

Broad Form Home Insurance offers diverse coverage for your home and belongings. Your home is protected against all threats, similar to comprehensive insurance, while named perils cover your belongings. It strikes a good balance between comprehensive and named perils policies.

Basic and Named Perils Insurance

Named Perils Home Insurance protects your home and belongings only against specific perils listed in your policy. If a peril isn’t listed, you will not receive coverage. This policy is ideal for those looking to save money on home insurance.

No Frills Home Insurance

No Frills Home Insurance covers homes typically ineligible for standard insurance, such as those with defects or in disrepair. It’s a special type of insurance providing basic protection for these higher-risk properties.

What is typically covered by Home Insurance in Toronto?

Dwelling Coverage

Home insurance covers your dwelling by protecting the physical building and any additional structures attached to your home, such as garages, sheds, decks, and more. This ensures comprehensive coverage for all integral parts of your property against various risks.

Personal Liability Coverage

Home insurance offers personal liability coverage, protecting against bodily injury to guests or others injured on your property. It also covers any property damage you may cause to another property, ensuring financial protection in case of accidents or mishaps.

Belongings Coverage

Home insurance covers your belongings, including clothing, electronics, furniture, and more. It ensures that items typically found in your home are protected against various risks, providing peace of mind and financial security in case of damage or loss.

Additional Living Coverage

Home insurance includes coverage for additional living expenses if your covered home becomes uninhabitable. This provision covers costs for temporary living arrangements like hotels and food, ensuring financial support while you wait for your home to be repaired.

Assessing Potential Gaps In Toronto Home Insurance Coverage

While comprehensive insurance is extensive, there may still be gaps in coverage unique to Toronto real estate. Some add-ons to consider include:

Flood insurance

Flood insurance: Critical for Toronto homes prone to overland flooding or sewer backups since it’s excluded from standard policies.

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance: Low risk, but may be wise for owners of older Toronto brick homes.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Guaranteed Replacement Cost: Will pay the full cost to rebuild without depreciation deductions.

Increased limits

Review if coverage limits for your dwelling, contents and liability sufficiently meet your needs.

Scheduled property coverage

Scheduled property coverage: Provides protection for Toronto homes with high value items, like art, wine, and jewelry.

What’s Not Typically Covered Under Toronto Home Insurance?

While comprehensive policies are broad, some exclusions do apply. Damage from floods, earthquakes, and regular wear-and-tear is not covered. Home-based businesses in Toronto also require additional commercial policies.

Toronto Home Insurance Policy Options

We offer a range of options including comprehensive “all perils” plans that provide very robust protection, more affordable named perils policies, and basic coverage for harder-to-insure homes in our comprehensive insurance bundle.

Our brokers will guide you through key coverage choices:

Dwelling coverage

Dwelling coverage to fully rebuild your home after covered damage.

Personal property coverage

Possessions and belongings coverage to replace stolen or damaged items

Additional Living Expense

Additional living expenses if you are displaced from your home.

Personal liability coverage

Personal liability coverage for injuries or damages that occur on your property.

Water backup coverage

Sewer backup, overland flood, earthquake, and other specialized add-on options

The Key Risks Facing Toronto Homes

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto faces distinct home hazards that require specially-designed insurance coverage options, such as:


Flooding is another Toronto home hazard you and your family may experience due to rainstorms. This flooding can cause your sewer to back up, and your basement can flood. Private properties can become seriously damaged, so you will need the right coverage. We will make professional recommendations to help you make informed decisions because we genuinely care about our clients and will put your mind at ease.

Severe and extreme weather events

Toronto experiences the full range of all four seasons, with frequent severe weather events like ice storms, heavy snowstorms, thunderstorms, and more. Heavy snow and bitter cold lead to frozen pipes that can burst and cause extensive and costly water damage. Heavy rainstorms can overwhelm sewers and flood basements. Thunderstorms bring risks of lightning strikeshail damage, and wind damage. Comprehensive insurance coverage helps you properly recover from storm destruction.

Urban exposures

As a very dense and rapidly growing metropolitan area, Toronto has increased risks of fire damage, vandalism, and theft compared to many suburban or rural areas. Having strong dwelling and possessions coverage is essential.

Fires and explosions

Fires and explosions can cause extensive damage to your home. Smoke is also highly dangerous, and these hazards can cause further damage to your home, as well as long-term physiological harm. You must protect your home and family members in the event of a fire, which is where isure steps in.

Aging infrastructure

Much of Toronto relies on outdated and vulnerable water, sewer, electrical, heating, and cooling systems that are prone to failure over time. Having equipment breakdown coverage and external water/sewer line protection provides crucial protection when these aging infrastructures eventually fail.

Changing neighborhood demographics

Ongoing gentrification and redevelopment in Toronto neighbourhoods leads to shifting demographics and changes in risk exposure. Regular reviews and updates to your policy ensure your coverage evolves along with your dynamic neighbourhood.

Toronto Home Hazard Insurance

You can rely on our team for all your insurance needs. We understand the issues Toronto residents must deal with and are familiar with the hazards specific to this city.

isure toronto home insurance advantage

The isure Home Insurance Advantage

At isure, we know how many countless hours you have worked to save up enough money to buy a house in Toronto, and it’s our mission to help you get the most comprehensive and affordable home insurance policy.

When you call isure, you will be placed with a personal home insurance broker who will go through your insurance needs for your home or can help improve your current coverage and discover new discounts.

Your professional Toronto home insurance broker from isure will provide you with fast and competitive home insurance quotes and will go over them with you to ensure you aren’t surprised by any fine print. Let us focus on finding the best Toronto home insurance coverage so you have the peace of mind to focus on other things. We will contact over 25 of the largest certified insurers in Toronto for the best quotes available.

What Factors Affect Home Insurance In Toronto?

Here are several factors that can affect how much you’ll have to pay for home insurance for your Toronto home:

1. Location

The neighbourhood where your home is located can significantly impact your insurance premiums. Postal codes with higher crime rates, multiple claims in the area, or vulnerable to natural disasters, will have higher home insurance premiums. The distance the home is from a fire hydrant or station can also affect your insurance.

2. Property value

The value of your home and its contents will influence insurance costs. More expensive homes generally require higher coverage limits and more repairs, leading to higher premiums.

3. Home security

Having any home security systems installed, such as alarms, deadbolts, and smoke detectors, can help lower insurance premiums by reducing the risk of theft or damage.

4. Renovations

Certain home renovations have an impact, either positive or negative, on your home insurance premiums.

5. The home itself

The age of the home, size, condition as well as the replacement cost, will all factor into how much you’ll have to pay for home insurance.

6. Claims history

Your history of insurance claims can impact your premiums. Also, homes that have multiple insurance claims on them will be more expensive to insure.

7. Credit score

Insurers may consider your credit score when determining premiums. A higher credit score may result in lower insurance rates.

8. Deductible

Increasing the deductibles, the amount of money that you’ll pay out of pocket before your home insurance policy kicks in will help to lower your insurance premium.

Why Trust isure as your Toronto Home Insurance Broker?

Personalized Attention

We will always be there for you when you need us the most. We offer phone, email and online chat for your convenience. Your insurance broker will also preemptively call you if disaster strikes in your area to ensure that you and your family are OK.

Responsive Claims

Did a tree fall through your roof during a heavy storm? Was your house broken into while you were on vacation? Don’t worry, that’s what home insurance is for! At isure, our claims response is open 24/7/365! When you call us, we will get your claim moving immediately!

More Savings

With all of our isure approved insurers, we can offer some of the best discounts compared to other online insurance brokers and more discounts than any direct insurance company. Your personal isure home insurance broker has the ability to get further savings for you without sacrificing any coverage! We can also educate you on safeguards that will reduce your premiums.

Attention and Insight

Your friendly isure home insurance broker in Toronto will always provide trustworthy, knowledgeable, and transparent advice. They will objectively go through each quote and let you know what will be covered in detail.

Control Your Home Insurance Policy

When you work with isure, you can quickly register, change and manage your policy.

Get the leading insurance policies with the best personalized options you deserve.

Not sure where and how to start?

isure experts are here to HELP you.



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