Hail can cause significant damage to a home, and depending on the severity of the situation, it can result in the need for a roof replacement. It can also cause broken windows, skylights and shredded siding, which can allow water to enter your home, and this would be even more problematic as it would lead to more damage.

In order to protect your home from hail, you need to ensure your roof is sturdy and that all of your shingles are durable and properly in place. Most homes have asphalt shingle roofs, and this material does go through testing to ensure it meets the standards required by insurance companies. They need to pass tear strength and nail-withdrawing tests in order to be considered suitable, and this aspect alone will offer your home a great deal of protection.

Another aspect you need to consider is the slope of your roof, as this will make a difference in terms of protecting your home from hail related damage. A roof that is steeply sloped can reduce the amount of potential damage because they limit direct hits if the hail is falling in a straight path. If the hail is falling on an angle, the wind-shaded side will experience little or no damage, so a steep roof is ideal. Cosmetic damage may occur but the structural integrity of your home would not be affected, so you would have peace of mind. A flat roof would see far more damage because hail would come into direct contact with it, and these blows would impact its condition as a flat roof would not be able to offer much protection.

Roofing underlayment can play a big role as well, so this, too, is an aspect you can consider as it would make a very big difference. It is recommended that a full roof underlayment be installed over the entire roof deck before the installation of the final roof cover as it can provide additional protection, and serve as a secondary line of defence against water and ice build-up. This would be especially beneficial if the primary cover were to be damaged by winds or hail, so it is definitely something to consider. There are a number of different underlayment products that are available in today’s market but a self-adhering waterproofing underlayment is generally best as it will provide homeowners with comprehensive protection. This is often referred to as an ice and water shield and will protect against water in the event that your roof cover gets damaged because of hail.

Hail can cause you a number of headaches but isure can provide you with the insurance protection you need. We offer home insurance quotes and homeowners insurance, so if you want peace of mind, give us a call today!

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