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Renting an apartment or living space in Toronto can be a great way to save money and gain independence. It also comes with similar risks of home ownership, like fire or theft, so you’ll want to get tenant insurance to protect yourself.

You can’t use your homeowners insurance to cover damage or theft to your rental property. This is because home insurance policies only cover the structure of the house, not its contents.

If you want protection for both your belongings and the apartment itself, you’ll need a proper tenant’s insurance policy. To get one, call an isure broker and tell them about your situation. We’ll be able to give you advice on what type of plan will work best for you based on factors like how expensive or valuable your possessions are, whether other people are living in the dwelling, your location, etc.

Covering the cost of damaged or destroyed material

Your tenant insurance will typically cover the cost of replacing items in your home when they are damaged, stolen or destroyed. Items include clothing, computers, furniture and other personal belongings.

If a fire breaks out in your apartment building and damages any of its contents (such as walls), it will also be covered by this type of policy.

Landlords: Tenant insurance does not cover amount owed

If you’re a landlord, it’s essential to understand that tenant insurance does not provide coverage for what tenants might owe their landlords if they damage the unit in any way.

The landlord is responsible for taking care of any damage done by their tenants and their pets. The tenant must pay for any costs related to repairing these types of damages out-of-pocket before moving into a new place, or else face eviction proceedings. There are exceptions in cases where tenants don’t follow proper protocols when bringing an animal into their home. Still, even then, legal action may be taken against them by other parties involved (such as veterinarians).

Toronto Tenant Insurance

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re a Toronto tenant and want to protect your belongings against all perils, then it’s worth investing in the proper tenant insurance policy. Besides content protection, it also provides coverage for liability lawsuits if someone gets injured on your property.

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